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Photo from this wedding

As I mentioned last time, my partner and I don’t always agree on our perception of the urgency of certain things. Generally, I plan in advance, and he does things at the last minute. In undergrad, I would study for the whole week up until the exam. He would cram the night before, and usually do better than me. I plan events in advance, and he wings it at the last minute. It’s so infuriating! The guy was born under a lucky star for sure.

Naturally, the wedding has been the same.

For example, I purchased my dress 13 months in advance. He started thinking about getting his suit when his mom mentioned it about a month ago at her last visit, declaring that she wanted to chip in to buying him a new suit for the wedding. Awesome!

I know nothing about suits, as I’ve never worn them.

I didn’t realize that they’re not just purchased off the rack, but that they have to be ordered, tailored and custom made. I figured that out when we went to the shop for a consultation, with Evan insisting that he just wanted to look but not choose anything right away, as he wanted some time to decide what he wanted.

The obscenely well-dressed and meticulously-coiffed man at the shop insisted that we order a suit immediately, because the summer colors would be sold out by June.

I panicked.

He wanted grey, and I made the mistake of pointing out that my dress is a bit of a creamy-champagne color. Suddenly, a discussion about clashing and complementing began happening. He would have to pick a grey that would contrast the dress appropriately, or else we might blending together in the wedding pictures like an amorphous blob. I began to worry … what if they ran out of the color he liked? What if they didn’t have it in time?

However, when we finally picked out he suit last week, the lucky star struck again. He looked amazing in a great suit that needed only minor tailoring, and because it was later in the season, it was on sale … about 60% off, to be precise.

I don’t know if I’d recommend doing the same thing, but if you have a year or more before the wedding, consider buying items at the end of the season — they might be on sale!

Another checked off the to-do list!


  • 3/24

    Affiliate Disclaimer NewBHLDN Tie Bar Collection
    BHLDN Gift Sets, $50 – In Dot or Solid (Comes with a tie, tie bar and pocket square)

    Dudes! Have you heard about the new collab between BHLDN and The Tie Bar? For those who may not know, BHLDN is the wedding collection by Anthropologie. They’re pretty major in the bridal scene (obvs your fiancée has read about them here, here and here) and it looks like they’re spreading their lacy wings into grooms attire. We’re also huge fans of The Tie Bar and their crazy assortment of suiting accessories — we talk about them quite a bit, too.

    So, of course, we’re loving that two of our fave brands are coming together.

    If you want to pick up some BHLDN items, you’ll want to act fast. They’re already sold out of the blush pink collections and we’re betting the rest won’t last for long. Here’s hoping they’ll get stocked up soon.

    The Tie Bar BHLDN Pink
    BHLDN Gift Set in Solid Blush Pink, $50 (Hopefully returning soon!)

    Also, if you’re not following The Tie Bar on Instagram, it’s a damn shame. They offer up pairings that are the perfect remedy for your sartorial routine.
    The Tie Bar Floral Combo
    The Tie Bar Socks Combo
    The Tie Bar Aqua Combo
    The Tie Bar Lapel Pin Combo

    Go follow them now! And don’t forget to tag us (and me!) with all your stylish inspirations!

  • 2/24

    Harwick Duffel Bag, $98 from J. Crew Let's talk about baggage (no, not THAT kind of baggage). Planning a honeymoon in Hawaii? A getaway wedding in New Hampshire? No matter what the occasion is, when it comes to prepping for a trip, quality luggage should always be the first thing you consider. Shoddy luggage will wear quickly with all the throwing around and your stuff…

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    Vintage Sign available from Etsy seller TamarasTreasureTrove Shaving. It can be kind of a pain in the ass, but we have to do it. Even if you have a beard, there’s some maintenance that needs to be done. For your wedding day, I’d 100% recommend you have a professional barber clean you up, but not all of us have that kind of time or cash.…

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    It’s that time of year again! Gift guides are back! From now until the holidays, we’ll be rounding up some of our favorite gift ideas, mostly in broke-ass budget range (but with one or two splurges thrown in). Whether you’re shopping for your best gal, your favorite dude, your family or yourself, you’re going to find some stellar ideas for everyone on your shopping list.…

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  • 11/18

    Go vintage! Check out this 50s midnight blue tuxedo from Etsy seller StyleStash ($275) Fellas, let’s talk tuxedos. Being a groom is probably one of the few times in our lives that wearing a tux is appropriate. Some of you may want to take a little advice from Jay Gatsby and suit up for this magical occasion. And guess what? You don’t have to look…

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    Steampunk Notepad, $13.50 from Etsy seller OldWaysFussNFeathers Hey dudes, do you remember way back when people used to have giant desks and write letters to each other all day? Major #fbf, I know. There are some of us out there that still practice this ancient art form, believe it or not. Though there's the ease of sending an email or setting up a Facebook invite,…

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    Personalized Beer Cooler, $30 from Etsy seller HeritageWedding Gifting is hard. Gifting on a budget is really hard. Especially when it's for your favorite dudes. You want to get your groomsmen something awesome, yet thoughtful — but holy crap everything always seems so expensive. While it would be nice to be able to get them all big screen TVs or spring for a dudes' trip…

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  • 10/7

    Scrapbook overlay available from Etsy seller MyScrapbookDesigns Hello, beach babes. This post is all about one of the most temperate beaches in the U.S., Myrtle Beach. It’s a great honeymoon destination because of all the amusements, parks, entertainment and dreamy sunsets. It’s also a great place for the low-cost honeymoon, since there are so many things to do under a tight budget. Alright, fellas. You’ve…

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