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Affiliate Disclaimer NewJumping Groomsmen

Credit: Amy Shea for Imaginative Studios
The groomsmen, you chose them for a reason. They’ve helped you through some rough spots and they make sure you’re gloriously plastered for every birthday. When it comes to your wedding, they’re the ones that are gonna help get you through all the stress and help make it a great day. So, you should properly thank them with an awesome gift. There are so many gift ideas out there, but I’m gonna simplify this list to five.Southern Hospitality Beard Co Starter Kit Southern Hospitality Beard Company Starter Kit, $35

The well-groomed beard aficionado will appreciate this handsome beard starter kit. It comes with a Mud Scrub, packed with avocado oil and shea butter to keep everything soft and conditioned, orange peels to bring some of the energy back into your skin, and scented with rosemary, lavender and a bit of cedarwood for a crisp, earthy, manly smell. It also comes with the Heritage Beard Oil, to keep it conditioned and healthy, and a boar’s hair bristle brush.

Engraved Beer Growler
Engraved Beer Growlers, $82 for five

Here’s a great way to not break the bank. These glass growlers are awesome for the guys, even if they’re not quite the beer-drinker type. They could be used in a number of other ways and can be engraved with almost anything you want.

Hang Loose Silver Cufflinks
Cufflinks, Tie Bars, Bottle Openers, and Money Clips, $35–$4000 is a great option for a variety of budgets. Plus, you can get special team cufflinks, fancy sets, or something fun and themed.

Personalized Wood Cigar Box
Personalized Wood Cigar Box, $28

Here’s an idea: Hand your favorite guys a personalized cigar box filled with some Nicaraguans (like these). The presentation is so nice and would be a great thing to enjoy during the reception (outside, please).

SWIG Flask Gift Set
SWIG Flask Gift Set, $95.50

SWIG makes some of the best flasks we’ve ever seen. Get them one of these gift sets and they’ll be floored with just the incredible gift packaging alone. Each one comes with a flask and funnel, and they can be engraved as well. I recommend checking out their site and seeing all the different sets they have to offer. Seriously, you might just pick one up for yourself, too. (Christen did.)

What cool ideas do you have? Let us know in the comments.

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    Affiliate Disclaimer NewRomantic Rome Honeymoon

    Credit: Rome4U

    Since the beginning of the current honeymoon tradition (FYI, it started around the turn of the century), this delicious city has been a popular choice among couples. And it’s no surprise, seeing Rome is chalk full of romance, beauty, and memorable spots. If you want to make the most of your trip and be a true, romantic, Casanova type, here are a few things you could do without splurging away all the dollarz:

    1. Snuggle up and check out a free outdoor movie at Villa Borghese
    2. Soak up the skyline on Gianicolo Hill
    3. Visit Rome’s Love Locks Bridge — but resist the urge to add one of your own (it’s not allowed)
    4. Take a stroll through Trastevere at night — the lights will spawn some seriously heavy petting
    5. Take some cute, squeezy selfies at famous hot spots, like the Trevi Fountain and Pantheon

    Now, for another very vital part of the planning: Packing. The climate in Rome is similar to San Francisco, as it rests very close to the water. Because of that, you’ll need a variety of layering pieces that’ll transition from day to night to keep your luggage on the lighter side. So, if you’re visiting in the fall or winter, here are some outfit options we recommend that could easily get you from day to night.


    Credit: Champagne Chivalry

    Get This Look: The Jacket, The Chinos, The Shirt, The Loafers, The Shades


    Credit: Brooklyn Tweed

    Get This Look: The Cardigan, The Tee, The Belt, The Jeans, The Shoes


    Credit: The Jeans Blog

    Get This Look: The Jacket, The Scarf, The Jeans, The Chukkas

    How are you planning your fashunz for your honeymoon? Where are you going? Tell us in the comments below! And if you’d like Ryan to come up with some ideas for your destination, just drop us a line!

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    Photo: Zach & Jody You covet those tattered Cons you've had since your first show. And yes, you just can't part with those New Balances you wear every weekend. And we know you can't even fathom having to replace your dress/work shoes (the sole is still mostly intact, so they're perfectly fine, right?). I get it. But for your wedding, you really need to up…

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    Grooms Coordinate Their Outfits Without Being Matchy-Matchy || Photo: Clane Gessel Photography

    Photo: Clane Gessel via Bella Signature We at BAB were sooooooooooo excited about the Supreme Court legalizing same-sex marriage (#LOVEWINS), we decided to do an article especially for the boys (who like boys). It's possible you've been secretly worried about how a wedding looks without a bride. Well, you can thank The High and Heavenly World of Pinterest, because there are so many options you'll…

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    Breakfast Pocket Socks || Five for Friday: Where to Shop for His Accessories

    Grooms! Grooms everywhere! By super happy accident, this week has has a bit of a groom-themed style, starting with Ryan's awesome debut and including Liz's tips on planning with your fella. Of course, it's only appropriate to round it out with more guy-geared shopping tips -- this time accessories! Whether it's socks, ties, cufflinks or what have you, just like with a bride's ensemble the accessories…

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    Jon Black Photography This is what I know about Grooms, having had one of my own and hung out with, like 200 of them. 1. There is one thing. One thing that your Groom wants at his wedding. Might be two things -- Zane wanted steak and to have his suit made -- but there is definitely one. Yours might want to wear a bow tie,…

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    J. crew Ludlow Seersucker Vest and Pant

    Hey y’all! I’m new to The Broke-Ass Bride and I’m crazy stoked to be working with the team. Let’s get right down to business, shall we? Guys, it’s high-time we start helping out the bride-to-be and make some of our own decisions. Where’s a good place to start? What you’re gonna wear. Yes, that involves shopping. To some of you, this might not be that…

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    BABs, I have a confession: I have taken a serious break from wedding planning over the last two months. I know, I know; how could I with only 4.5 months(!) to go? To be completely honest with you, real life has been getting in the way. We spent a lot of time and funds over the holidays, and we even settled on a house last…

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    Names: Tiffany & Justin Occupation: Educational Writer & Video Game Designer Wedding location: Karl Strauss Brewery Gardens, San Diego California Wedding Date: October 11, 2014 Budget: Well, here's the thing. My kindly generous parents didn't give us a solid figure to work with, but I wanted to be reasonable and arbitrarily chose $15,000. And then when we really got into things I realized that would be…

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