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Alright guys, I’m gonna be honest, I never thought I’d be a pocket square kinda guy. They always seemed too fancy and fussy. One day, just for shits and giggles, I thought I’d try one out for a wedding I was going to. Wouldn’t you know, I totally dug it. In fact, I favored it over my tie, so I went tieless and open collar.

All this to say, I get why guys are a little intimidated by these small, 20″sq. pieces of fabric — but don’t be! There are folds you can do that are almost easier than tying the perfect tie. Here, I’ll show you five folds (plus a bonus alternate one) that you can use for any occasion. I’ll start with step-by-step instructions, then consecutive visual aids, for you visual learners like myself. We’ll start with a simple one:

Pesko Fold

1. and 2. Fold the square in a third, then fold the other third over it. Note that no matter where the tag is when you begin, it will always be inside the pocket, so don’t worry too much about that.

3. Fold the length in half.

4. A neat and tidy bit of color.

Pesko 1
Pesko 2
Pesko 3
Pesko 4
Pesko 5

One Corner Fold

1. and 2. Lay the square as a diamond and fold the bottom point to the top.

3. and 4. Fold each side point about a third of the way in to create a small envelope.

5. A lovely little peak. This fold is best accessorize with a chagrin stare into the distance.

One corner 1
One corner 2
One corner 3
One corner 4
One corner 5
One corner 6

Puff Fold

This is a fun one. Did you see the video on our Instagram?

1. through 3. Make a little pocket square ghost with your forefinger. Grab at the base of your finger, then pull through just a little until you have a puff, roughly 4″ high.

4. With a little fluffing, you’ve got a perfect little puff.

Puff 1
Puff 2
Puff 3
Puff 4
Puff 5


5. You can create a Crown Fold by simply turning the peaks up instead of the puffy part.

6. Voila!
Puff 6
Puff 7

Cagney Fold

1. This is definitely one of the harder ones. It always takes me a couple tries before I get it just right, especially with satin. So, start by folding the diamond in half, but making the two top points just slightly askew.

2. and 3. Now, bring to two side points in and up toward the top so you have four small peaks.

4. Fold the sides in half again to create a narrow, almost paper airplane like shape.

5. Spread it a little so it fills your pocket just right. That’s an impressive looking pocket square!

Cagney 1
Cagney 2
Cagney 3
Cagney 4
Cagney 5
Cagney 6

Damn, I needed a drink after that one. {Eds. Note: This was Christen’s mimosa, but she thought it matched the square, so you know … sacrifice}

Scallop Fold

1. through 3. I love this one for formal occasions. Fold your square into a triangle, then fold that triangle into an even smaller triangle.

4. and 5. Fold each side point so they reach the middle of the opposite side.

6. It almost looks like a satin rose! Very romantic.
Flower 1
Flower 2
Flower 3
Flower 4
Flower 5
Flower 6

There you have it! Pretty sharp, right? Thanks to Dessy for keeping me looking right — these satin squares from their Pantone collection were so easy to fuss with.

So what do you think, are you into the pocket square look? Any folds you like best?

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    Affiliate Disclaimer New

    Suit shopping is hard — take it from someone who shops A LOT. Let’s just get rid of the suits for work and wear T-shirts and jeans forever, #amirite? Well, certain occasions call for a fancy suit and a wedding is one of them. Whether your a groom, a groomsman or just need an inexpensive suit, the list below is just for you. Pick your style, pick your suit. Simple as that.

    The Guy You Always Trust
    Bonobo Foundation Suit

    Bonobos Foundation Cotton Suit, $450

    He always shows up on time. He remembers all your stories. And you’re not sure you’ve ever seen him lose his cool. He’s so put together, when he puts on a simple navy suit he looks better and more comfortable in it than most people do in pajamas. This is the most versatile option for just about any wedding or occasion. The details: Breathable 100% cotton in four color options with traditional notch lapels

    The Collegiate
    J Crew Ludlow wool suit

    J. Crew Ludlow Tweed Suit, $425

    Hey Smarty Pants. When someone asks about your outfit, just say, “Oh, this? It’s just my Donegal tweed suit. No big.” They’ll immediately wonder what your doctorate was in at Yale and where you’re hiding the Oxford Dictionary. This is a great one for rustic weddings or something between formal and informal. The details: Wool tweed, so best in the cooler months, and comes in three colors.

    Laid-back Jack

    Dessy Khaki Suit

    Classic Summer Suit by After Six at Dessy, $159

    This guy doesn’t even know what Xanax is. One time he took a melatonin to sleep on his plane ride to that one tiny exotic island you’ve never heard of. He invited you to go skydiving once — yeah right, dude. Just like that guy, this suit is at home on the beach or basking in the summer sun. The details: Khaki cotton. It’s a pretty classic fit, though it might be cut a little slim in the jacket. Avoid the flip flops, just this once (except in the sand).

    That Slick Motherfucker
    Combatant Gentlemen slim suit

    Combatant Gentleman, $160

    He wears a suit everyday because, you know, that’s what everyone does, right? People see him at work, on the street, at that really cool cafe and think, “Damn, he’s really got it together.” And this guy is smart, too, because this suit is appropriate for pretty much any occasion, all year long. Bonus, it’s hella inexpensive. The details: 100% Italian wool, cut in a slim fit. Pick your choice of 24 freaking colors and style options.


    Men's Wearhouse Three Piece Suit

    Men’s Wearhouse Pronto Uomo Platinum Black Pinstripe Suit, $399

    This guy is smooth AF. Like, they should just put this suit in the dictionary under the word “charm.” 50 Shades of Grey much? This suit needs no bondage accessories to look and feel sexy — it just IS. That’s how it goes with a three-piece suit, you look good no matter what. Add a pocket square or a lapel pin to be real pimp. The details: Comes in five dark shades of 100% wool. Notch lapel and side vent features.

    What kind of suit personality matches your favorite fella?

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    Jumping Groomsmen

    Credit: Amy Shea for Imaginative Studios The groomsmen, you chose them for a reason. They've helped you through some rough spots and they make sure you're gloriously plastered for every birthday. When it comes to your wedding, they're the ones that are gonna help get you through all the stress and help make it a great day. So, you should properly thank them with an…

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    Credit: Rome4U Since the beginning of the current honeymoon tradition (FYI, it started around the turn of the century), this delicious city has been a popular choice among couples. And it’s no surprise, seeing Rome is chalk full of romance, beauty, and memorable spots. If you want to make the most of your trip and be a true, romantic, Casanova type, here are a few…

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    Photo: Zach & Jody You covet those tattered Cons you've had since your first show. And yes, you just can't part with those New Balances you wear every weekend. And we know you can't even fathom having to replace your dress/work shoes (the sole is still mostly intact, so they're perfectly fine, right?). I get it. But for your wedding, you really need to up…

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    Grooms Coordinate Their Outfits Without Being Matchy-Matchy || Photo: Clane Gessel Photography

    Photo: Clane Gessel via Bella Signature We at BAB were sooooooooooo excited about the Supreme Court legalizing same-sex marriage (#LOVEWINS), we decided to do an article especially for the boys (who like boys). It's possible you've been secretly worried about how a wedding looks without a bride. Well, you can thank The High and Heavenly World of Pinterest, because there are so many options you'll…

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    Breakfast Pocket Socks || Five for Friday: Where to Shop for His Accessories

    Grooms! Grooms everywhere! By super happy accident, this week has has a bit of a groom-themed style, starting with Ryan's awesome debut and including Liz's tips on planning with your fella. Of course, it's only appropriate to round it out with more guy-geared shopping tips -- this time accessories! Whether it's socks, ties, cufflinks or what have you, just like with a bride's ensemble the accessories…

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    Jon Black Photography This is what I know about Grooms, having had one of my own and hung out with, like 200 of them. 1. There is one thing. One thing that your Groom wants at his wedding. Might be two things -- Zane wanted steak and to have his suit made -- but there is definitely one. Yours might want to wear a bow tie,…

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    J. crew Ludlow Seersucker Vest and Pant

    Hey y’all! I’m new to The Broke-Ass Bride and I’m crazy stoked to be working with the team. Let’s get right down to business, shall we? Guys, it’s high-time we start helping out the bride-to-be and make some of our own decisions. Where’s a good place to start? What you’re gonna wear. Yes, that involves shopping. To some of you, this might not be that…

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