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Choosing the right wedding band can be a tricky decision for some — especially those on a smaller budget. Couples often don’t want to throw down serious skrilla on a piece of jewelry for fear that they may lose it or some other stroke of bad luck may hit. And once the couple has nailed down how much they’re comfortable spending, it’s often difficult to find a decent, quality retailer who has a large selection that fits within those confines.

Enter: Just Mens Rings. The online shop has wedding bands ranging from a sleek ‘n’ simple stainless steel band for about $20 to a platinum-and-black-diamond number for about $2,400. So, no matter your budget or style, it’s pretty much a guarantee you’re gonna find something that tickles your fancy.

Just Mens Rings prides itself on customer service, evidenced by a quick search for reviews. And with over 500 rings under $300, in metals ranging from stainless to titanium to standard gold and just as many embellishment or stone options, you’d pretty much have to be the pickiest person on the planet to not find a wedding band that fits your steez. And I know you’ve got killer steez.

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    Disposable cameras and Instagram are great, but not everyone wants the waste of a plastic camera body or the publicity of #YourWeddingHashtag. And sometimes waiting for the turnaround from your photog can be excruciating. Let’s be real, it’s pretty rad to cuddle up with your new spouse (OMG!) tired, a little tipsy and totally on a euphoric high and scroll through all of the amazingness you just experienced. We often hear the wedding day goes by in a blur, and it’s easy to miss out on those funtimez.


    Enter: Ceremony app. Free to download for the reg version or a measly $4.99 for the pro version.

    Ceremony is a place to capture and store all photo and video evidence of the love, the shenanigans and definitely Uncle Morty’s best dance moves. No battling with hyper-public social media (unless you want to, because you still can with Ceremony) and no waiting for film to be developed.

    How’s it work?

    • Create an event, receive your private event code.
    • Invite your people
    • Your people take photos — either in-app or with whatever app they chose and then upload ’em to the Ceremony app
    • Pics and vids show up in your feed
    • Ogle the silliness


    Super simple, right? Yeah, we thought so too. Ceremony also has some shiny extra features in the Pro version, like the ability to block your cousin’s boyf who has had just a few too many and keeps taking photos of the ground, or (with the pro version) the ability to customize your event code, download hi-res images or videos and download a zip file with all the goodies packed up tight. The app is private, free from data mining, advertising and creepers. And it’s pretty … which is awesome.


    Head to the Apple App Store or Google Play store to download Ceremony for your wedding!

  • 8/25


    We love Minted -- we've always loved Minted -- because they have stunningly amazing stationery. But when we got word through a little birdie (in the form of an email from Minted) that they were launching Print-It-Yourself wedding stationery, we kind of died a little (in a good way). Because, you guys, this super affordable option to get the gorgeous designs Minted offers up without spending…

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    WeddingMix by Storymix Logo

    Blakeley & Jimmy's Unforgettable Wedding | WeddingMix App Lite Sample from WeddingMix on Vimeo. Our friends over at WeddingMix, masters of the DIY wedding videography, have something awesome up their sleeves, you guys, and it'll make you love 'em even more (if that's even possible). Our homies of awesome and inexpensive crowdsourced wedding videos -- that are sent back to WeddingMix HQ to get the…

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    Gown WG3532, Headpiece 35986C001, Bracelet 9721|| David's Bridal Busts Out A Big Ol' Heaping of Savings

    It's Christmas in July! No, not really, but pretty damn close, y'all. David's Bridal is having their hugest sale of the season. And by huge, we mean RIDICULOUS. For serious. From wedding dresses to styles for your entourage to all those pretty little sparkly adornments, prices are slashed across the board: * Wedding dresses that were originally $300-$600 are now as low as $99, with…

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  • 6/23

    Persiphone Gown

    Oh man, it's like Christmas in (almost) July, you guys. Our love, BHLDN, has graced us Broke-Asses with their Big Summer Sale, knocking down prices on some of your very favorite gowns (uh, helloooo Persiphone) and accessories. While BHLDN always has a pretty stellar sale section, this event includes over 80 styles across the site. UH, yes plz. Gorgeous gowns are down to as low as…

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    Toast to Your Wedding with

    The great thing about DIYing your own wedding bar is that you can make a trip to Trader Joe's and stock up on some good ol' Two Buck Chuck without any of your guests being any the wiser ... except for the label giving away your thrifty little secret. Good thing has got you -- er, your bottles covered. Champagne, beer, wine, water bottles…

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    Long after the cake is eaten, the dress is preserved and the confetti is swept up (and the hangover is gone), you'll still have the photos of your amazing budget wedding to remember the day you and your love built your baby family. You shelled out a pretty penny for an amazing photographer who captured every detail of the day, so don't let those stunning pics…

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  • 4/7


    Guys, let me tell you: It's super easy to find the national average of what couples spend on engagement rings (a single search yielded steady results ranging from $4,000-$6,000+) but wedding bands are a whole 'nother ball game. After four search attempts and even asking a group of other wedding bloggers, the best I could come up with is a post from 2014 on…

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