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photo by Cakes and Kisses
Yeah … don’t even think about it.  Photo by Cakes and Kisses

As you get closer to the end of the aisle, one question starts to overwhelm all the others: “How the heck are we going to get all this stuff over there?? The favors, your escort cards, your wedding dress. Maybe you scored and you can bring in your own alcohol. Maybe you wanted to score, so you’re creating your own centerpieces — which means flowers and vases. Or all the different DIY projects you put your heart and attention to over the past few months. They’re big, or numerous, or unwieldy, or need to be packed correctly in order to survive the journey from Point A to Point B. You may be tempted by the siren call of the saved dollar, but sometimes you need to just save your peace of mind, instead. Here’s a few rules:

What Can Not Be Damaged Must Be Delivered

“Can Not Be Damaged”? Hmm. The first thing that comes to mind is the cake. If its’s any taller than a  tier, then odds are it’s smushable. And frosting — even fondant frosting — is near impossible to fix. A bakery truck has things that your Mom’s SUV does not, like special spots and slots to keep the yummy pretty stuff from sliding around. And the driver  knows exactly how to pack and load the cake and unload and unpack the cake and set it perfectly on the table. And it’s all their responsibility, not yours.

The second thing is your flowers. Depending on what kinds you’re using, crowding them together, with the water and the containers, might not work. You can get it all over there yourself, but be realistic about how much room you’ll have, and what you’ll be able to carry. And if you’re not creating your flower arrangements yourself — in other words, if you’re using a florist or designer —  then don’t pick them up and deliver them yourself. It’s not worth it — better to pay and not worry than to not pay and then … pay for it, you know?

The third thing is catering. I’m talking meals, not necessarily small things like appetizers or cupcakes. But, if you can’t keep it warm, or keep it cold, or keep it in one piece as it should be, then get it delivered by someone who can.

You’re probably thinking that the fourth thing is your dress, but we’ll talk about your dress in a minute.

Never Touch Anything More Than Once

It’s work efficiency thing — when you’re starting a task, don’t put it down until you finish it. In pick up/delivery terms, if it’s something you have to make two trips for because because it won’t fit in your car (come on, will it?) then recruit a second driver, or have it delivered. Your time, and the time of everyone who is helping you out, is at a premium on your wedding day — don’t let the miles eat it up. And if it takes multiple stops to get it there, wherever there is? Get it delivered.

So, What Can I Pick-Up Myself?

For the most part, your dress, the bridesmaid dresses, the tuxes, will be okay. Your guest book, signs, favors. Anything that won’t be susceptible to heat or crowding. But, whoever you’re getting it from, ask them what the best way is to transport it. And then, do that. Buy the fancy big dress bag/box that will be just tight enough and loose enough to avoid massive wrinkling. Buy the steamer just in case and keep the receipt, or just keep the steamer — you’ll probably want to use it again someday. If you like red wine or dark liquor, grab a Tide pen. Put a plastic sheet down to catch the water, put the cupcakes down in the passenger seat well. Refrigerate immediately once you get there. Whatever it is, just do it, and get it done right.

What are you trying to decide if you should pick up or deliver yourself? Let me know in the comments below, and we’ll figure it out.

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See you at the end of the aisle,

  • 10/26

    Dan Chen is the man. Ask anyone in either Dana’s or my extended family and they will not stop singing his praises. Many of you already know of his amazing talent as a wedding photographer, but you may not know that he is just as generous as he is gifted. Since the moment we met Dan he has been nothing but kind and giving. Oh yeah, and Dan is a pretty awesome guy to simply hang out with too. I wrote this song and put this music video together to thank Dan for his generous donation to Dishing For Dana, which has helped Dana destroy her medical debt.

    We shot the video during Hurricane Irene in Astoria Queens. All trains and bridges were shut down and we weren’t going anywhere. So when I said, “Lets make a music video.”, my best from from high school Elliot Villar and his (also kinda my) little brother David were ready to play. So a big thanks to My Brothers Villar!

    The Music? Ah, the music. K.U. aka Kustoo aka Jacques Slade is my producer (and one of my favorite rappers). I’ll let the awesomeness of Jacques work speak for him, but I will just add this: There is really no way to overstate how lucky I am to have such talented, kind and giving people in my life.

    I hope you enjoy this, ’cause I’m happy to say there’s a few more “thank you raps” coming at you soon…

    O.K. I’m gonna stop babbling so that you can rock out to this bit of fun:

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  • 5/24

    ...I got to wear my favorite dress. And was surrounded by my favorite people. I said "I do" and gave my heart, my soul, my most intimate and vulnerable self over to my most favoritest person in the whole world, joining our lives together forever. I laughed and cried, toasted and danced, laughed and cried some more. One year ago today, I went from bride…

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