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Affiliate Disclaimer NewI am totally married and stuff, but I just realized I never filled you guys in on my amazing bachelorette party. For shame! My bestie/bridesmaid Adrienne went above and beyond and made it the perfect day. It’s such a fantastic feeling to know your friends just get you and want to celebrate with you.

I love sports. Other than the whole marrying Russel thing, my top 2016 moments were watching the Cavs win an NBA championship (I cried happy tears on June 19th … I did not cry on my wedding day), celebrating with 1,000,000 other Cleveland fans at their parade, and the Indians going to the World Series – we even got to attend games six and seven. (Let’s not talk about the results, okay??) So yeah, sports are a big part of my life. When it came time for my bachelorette party, Adrienne decided on a baseball game and a night on the town — AKA the best time ever for a girl like me. We have a minor league team right in Akron, so we got to keep it local, which was a huge bonus. No hotels, no major traveling for most of my girls and no trying to figure out which bars are the best, etc.

We started by meeting at my friend’s office before the game (shouts out Laura W.!) so we could hang out and I could open gifts. Her office is right across the street from the stadium, so it gave us a chance to meet up, plus there was free parking which was amazing. In case I haven’t mentioned it, my friends are legit and they got me so many amazing goodies. Shirts, koozies (I collect them), alcohol, gift cards, penis party favors galore, and two of the greatest items on planet earth — I am sure of it. My sister and her girlfriend turned a wooden bat into a Sh-Bat — basically a shotski but baseball style. It is the gift that keeps on giving, and any time I take it someplace, everyone loves it.


Adrienne, me and my sister/MOH Caty taking root beer moonshine shots. (Photo from me)

Adrienne got me my other favorite thing in the world — a Chambong. Champagne is my favorite beverage, and I had been wanting one forever. Yes, it is amazing in real life.

After our office shenanigans, we headed over the the ballpark. We had an entire section blocked off for us, and our tickets includes a buffet of amazing stadium food. We were also right next to the tiki bar in right field, so the drinks were flowing all evening. Two of my girlfriends volunteered to do ribbon dancing on the field between innings, we got bobbleheads…it was just fantastic all around.


Most of my ladies and Webster the mascot. (Photo from me)

Post-game, our shuttle took us to a festival with a live band and two bars that we love. I don’t remember much from the end of the night, so that must mean everything went according to plan, lol.

It really was a wonderful day, and I love that my girls and I are all in agreement on fun, low-key parties. Weddings are expensive enough without adding trips or other pricey activities to the mix, so we are all for keeping it local and cheap. Btw, if an out of town weekend is your thing, I totally get it. I love to travel and take girls trips, but that was the last thing I wanted to do in the weeks leading up to our big day. Everyone has to do what works for them, and my girls did exactly that.

How did you and your crew keep your bachelorette simple and sane?

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    It’s a little crazy, right? An entire wedding with fun, games, coloring and more with hardly a kid in sight. Yeah, it was a bit weird, but we knew all along we wanted a kid-free wedding, so even after picking our theme we stuck to it. There were several reasons for this: 1) It’s cheaper — the fewer people, the less money we were spending on tables, chairs, food, candy, beverages and so on; 2) I wanted to give my guests the opportunity to have a night of crazy fun; and 3) I am not a kid person, okay? I’m just not. I have been to weddings where the dance floor was packed with kids all hopped up on sugar and running around and just being crazy like kids are supposed to be … and OMG. I knew that wasn’t the kind of reception for me. I know it can be a controversial thing, but we really didn’t have any issues. Here’s how we navigated the whole thing.

    I had made comments for years about having an adults-only wedding, so my close friends and fam certainly weren’t surprised. I’d gotten the occasional side-eye or weird look, with the usual comments from other brides saying no one would have come to their shindig if they couldn’t bring their children. Well, that just straight up sucks in my book. A typical wedding requires a lot of planning, which takes a lot of time. If you have months and months and months, heck maybe even years of notice, I feel like you can line up a babysitter. Disclaimer: I am not a parent. I know this. But I know many of them. I have siblings and in-laws and close friends who have kids. I know how hard it can be to find a trustworthy person to watch your kids. I truly, truly get that. But all of them have managed to find someone. Whether it’s another family member, a nanny, or just the occasional sitter, they’ve all done it. So I was confident that with enough lead time, basically everyone could make it happen. I made sure it was very clear on our wedding website that we were having an adults-only day. Our save the dates went out in early February, coupled with a Facebook post with a link to the site in case they didn’t notice it on our cute little tickets. It also stated we would provide childcare if they’d like us to.

    Officially, we gave everyone eight months to start working on a plan. Even so, we wanted to help just in case they couldn’t come up with one.¬†Russel and I also took into account that a lot of our guests were coming from out of town, and maybe they wouldn’t want to leave their little ones for an entire night or weekend. Because of that, we offered to provide babysitting for anyone who wished to take advantage. When we mailed out invitations about seven weeks prior to our big day, I included a handwritten note to all of the people who have children. (BTW, this is a good time to mention that we are not monsters and were pretty flexible on the whole. If someone had a newborn or baby who was still nursing, they were absolutely encouraged to bring said little nugget. I made that clear on handwritten notes as well.) I gave everyone my phone number and encouraged them to call or text me if they wanted to discuss babysitting. No one called. I wasn’t even really surprised, to be honest. Not a lot of our friends or family members have young kids. Maybe a little weird for a couple in their early 30s, but it’s how we roll in our social circle. Those who do had all managed to line up child care ahead of time and didn’t need our help. Had anyone requested it, they could have left their kids with a trusted, CPR certified sitter at the hotel in town. We had a room block, and it’s where most of our guests stayed. Their children would have been waiting for them post-reception, stuffed with pizza and all tired out from swimming and playing.

    In the end, it really couldn’t have worked out any better. I felt like we really tried our best to give people plenty of time to plan, and we would have been more than happy to arrange a sitter had the need arisen. I get that it can kind of be a slap in the face to have someone say they want you at their big day … but don’t bring the little monster, so we really wanted to go above and beyond to make our intentions clear and take the burden off our guests.

    Of course there were three children in attendance who we wouldn’t have dreamed of leaving out.¬†One of my nieces and my nephew were my flower girl and ring bearer, and my other niece was there as well. It should go without saying that Russel and I wanted them to celebrate with us, and celebrate they did. We had carnival games set up on the lawn for cocktail hour, and to make it super official, my mom bought a bunch of stuffed animal prizes. They made out like bandits. Add in coloring, dancing, glow in the dark balloons and eating yummy fair food all night, and they were in heaven.



    Photos by Jenni Bella Photography

    If you think a kid-free wedding is for you, do it! Stick to your guns, but also remember to be a little flexible. These are your guests, so go out of your way to make it easy for them. If you’re like us, you’ll be very happy with the result.

    Have you thought of going kid-free? What challenges are you facing? Share in the comments!

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    I mentioned a while ago that we planned to use fake flowers when it came time for bouquets, bouts, corsages and decor. So that's what we did. Other than my bouquet, every other piece of flowery goodness was made with artificial flowers, and we were insanely happy with how they all turned out. We had two separate seating areas since dinner was outdoors, and dancing…

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    Our wedding was the best day ever, so naturally we wanted some really fun ways to remember it. I talked about my way too expensive Instax guestbook a while back, and while it did cost a pretty penny, I am SO glad we ended up doing it. I am obsessed. There was a time when we had no idea where the guestbook was going to…

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    On top of having super yummy carnival eats for dinner, we had some sweet treats for our guests, too. Even though funnel cakes and elephant ears are some of the best desserts on the planet, I knew I wanted a wedding cake to cut as well. I can take or leave the actual cutting of the cake while everyone stares. And the whole smashing thing?…

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    And other yummy treats! I detailed our food plan a while back, and if you recall, I was missing a fairly important detail: the total cost. We worked with our caterer to come up with the perfect menu, and we had a general price range of $12-$15 per person. We never had a contract and we didn't have to pay any sort of deposit. Kinda…

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    Okay, so my last two posts were suuuuper boring, but I really wanted you guys to know about that slip. I really think its a game changer for sheer backs, low backs, etc. Now on to the fun stuff. We had a wedding! It was amazing! I am married to the love of my life! You guys ... our wedding day was absolutely fantastic. From…

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    Etsy Echoroad Bridechilla T-Shirt

    Okay. So. We've been planning this shindig for like 14 months. That's a long time (haha, just kidding ... every bride-to-be know that shit flies by SO quickly). But in the real world, it really is a long time to plan one event. I cannot tell you how many individual decisions we've made, nor how many obstacles we've had to overcome. Russel and I are…

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    They add up! I mean when you buy things, they accumulate. Math was never my strong suit, but that is an easy one ... and holy shit. It's adding up. With under a month to go until our wedding, the time has come to concentrate on the little details. My mom and I collaborated on a giant list (109 items!) of stuff we need to…

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