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Get Inspired: Glam Black + White + Gold With Dash of Plaid

It’s no surprise that I uber heart gold and pretty much anything black + white patterned. I mean really, it’s kind of the perfect color scheme and can translate easily to almost any wedding theme. But what about wintry weddings that are trying to go a little more cozy than ultra-glam? Welp, plaid, my dears. Think about it: Sleigh rides, flannel shirts, fleecy throws. Plaid, plaid, plaid. I’ve had this idea swimming around in my brain, so natch, a style board to help translate the idea was necessary. My intention was to go full bore with flowers and table decor, but I got so stuck on outfits and before I knew it I was out of time, so there may be another post with this theme in the future. But for now …

Black + White + Gold Mood Board Black, White and Gold Star Paper Lanterns: Luna Bazaar | Sleeveless “I Am Glam” Dress: ModCloth | “I Now Pronounce You” Dress: ModCloth | “International Acclaim” Dress: ModCloth | “Livia” Gown: BHLDN | “See a Pattern” Dress: ModCloth | “Just Sway the Word” Dress, ModCloth | “Monaco” by rsvp: Zappos | “Yes I Candescent” Heel: ModCloth


On Marriage: Love Begets Love

I almost feel like this On Marriage post doesn’t even need an intro, as the title says it all. If you act out of love, you will receive love. Maybe not right away, but consistent, compassionate concentration on deliberately loving will pay its dividends, as this amazing post by Cecilie Aslaksen asserts. Be kind and gentle to yourself and others.

On Marriage Love begets Love

We all know it, but sometimes it’s really hard to live by those words. Like when you’re standing in the middle of a breakup, it doesn’t need to be an ugly one, but still it’s hard to look at the situation with love.

At least this is how I feel at the moment. It’s hard to show love when all I feel is sadness and emptiness. When all I feel like is crying, shouting and throwing things so they break. Just like my heart is broken.

But still, I know, that by the Law of Attraction, those feelings I send out, those vibrations I surround myself with — they will eventually return my way — or backfire if that’s the case.

So I try. And the way that makes most sense, is by looking with gratitude and appreciation on what has been. How much nearly 20 years of knowing this person has granted me with happiness, joyfulness, thankfulness. How I’ve grown, and what I’ve learned. And what I have received.

This person has stood beside me, through thick and thin, for better or for worse, but all of a sudden, this is all gone. But the memories are not gone, and those are the ones I keep hanging on to.

Because I want to surround myself with positive vibrations. I want to surround myself with love.

Love begets love.

To continue reading “Love Begets Love,” head on over to The Huffington Post.

Ten for the Weekend: Stationery Scores, Shoe Sales and Deals for Days

Whew! Another week done and dusted. Did you all get shit done this week? I know I sure as hell did, and I can’t wait to kick back and do a whole helluva lot of nothing. Well, and do a little retail therapy, of course. So, in that vein, here you go with this week’s killer deals, discounts and sales to get your guilt-free shopping on!

1. You know what would save you a buttload of time on those return envelopes? Custom stamps. And Paper Source is knocking 25% off all custom stamps until 9/29! 

Paper Source Custom Stamp

I mean, polka dots, y’all.

2. Ain’t no sale like an Anthro sale! Head on over to the fashion powerhouse and take an extra 25% off sale styles using SALEONSALE.

3. Time for a new pair of kicks? has Keds, U.S. Polo Assn., XOXO and more for up to 65% off until 9/27.

4. TODAY only, head over to Cents of Style where all things jewelry are $5.95 + free shipping when you use code SEPTEMBER.

5. Speaking of getting busy in the kitchen, head on over to and save 20% on KitchenAid bakeware until 9/30. 

6. Guys, let’s talk a pet peeve of mine real fast: Rugs. They’re expensive as hell, and get trampled all over. Which is why when a deal like this makes me super giddy: Get up to 60% off clearance area rugs at Home Depot.

7. Oh look! More shoes for sale! Head over to Nine West and get up to 30% off sale items!

Nine West Zeau laceup Oxfords

I would like these, plz. Because: Oxfords. #duh

8. I don’t know about y’all, but I’m ready for a vacation. Expedia can help save you up to 55% in Los Cabos plus a 20% spa discount at select resorts until 10/31.

9. SheInside is getting spooky with a huge BOGO + up to 30% off with their Annual Shopping Carnival when you enter code PREH30 through 11/2.

10. If you have any stationery needs WHATSOEVER, get your booty over to Shutterfly and save 40% off … well … anything with code GOOD4U until 9/28.

Five for Friday: Cooking Tools Perfect For Those Epic Fall Dinners

There’s something about the changing seasons that kick me right into high cooking gear — as if I didn’t already cook a holy buttload, I get all extra creative and fancy during the cooler months. And since there are usually more sauces and sides and sweets, but my kitchen isn’t any bigger, I’ve come to rely on some very handy tools to help me get the jobs done without too much anxiety over which burner to use, how big of a mess I’m making … and where the hell is the tarragon??? For this Five for Friday, I’mma share my favorite cooking tools for those awesome fall meals. Bon appétit!

Five for Friday: Cooking Tools Perfect For Those Epic Fall Dinners 7 qt Food Steamer, $32.17 

I just recently got one of these bad boys and it is far and away my mostest favoritest. I don’t have to dedicate a whole burner just to cooking rice, nor do I have to fiddle with my ghetto veggie-steaming method. I just plop the food in (and y’all, you can cook multiple things at once due to the two separate steamer baskets), crank the timer and go.

Five for Friday: Cooking Tools Perfect For Those Epic Fall Dinners Lodge Cast Iron 5 qt Dutch Oven, $38.96

You guys know how much I love my cast iron, and this beauty is no different. Obviously it’s great for things like soups and stews, but it’s also perfect for cooking a roast chicken, pork chops and the like. The lid can also be used as a skillet for cornbread … so there’s that.

Five for Friday: Cooking Tools Perfect For Those Epic Fall Dinners

Mocubo Cutting Board with Prep Storage, $39.99

I cannot tell you how often I find myself with bowls upon jars upon tupperware stacking up on my counter and often overflowing onto the table with my mise en place. I need this cutting board in my life oh, so desperately.

Five for Friday: Cooking Tools Perfect For Those Epic Fall Dinners

Chevron Stripe Apron with Yellow Bow, $36.95

I make so many sauces and tend to bake significantly more during the fall that an apron is really more of a necessity than anything. And I have two by Flirty Aprons, which is great, because if one is filthy from the previous cooking adventure, then I can use the other. And they’re pretty freaking cute.

Five for Friday: Cooking Tools Perfect For Those Epic Fall Dinners

Elemental, My Dear Spice Rack Set, $54.99

Oh man, organized spices. There are few things more frustrating to me than having to dig through a whole mess of different spice bottles to find the one I’m looking for. And I use an obscene amount of vegetable oil — since I cook in my cast iron pretty much daily — so having a cute decanter that I can leave out on my counter without it looking blergh-y is super essential. Having a cute, organized spice rack makes my whole cooking process considerably less chaotic.

 What’s your go-to kitchen tool? Tell us in the comments below!


Lemme Ask Y’all A Question: What Do You Want?

Guys, as we see a new crop of brides move into the wedination stage (cue: Empty Nest Syndrome), the team here at The Broke-Ass Bride is conjuring up new and awesome ideas for you. But! Since it’s for YOU, then we’d be remiss if we didn’t actually ask you the question of what you want. So, darlings, there are three categories: Hair & Makeup, Ceremony Readings and Flowers.

The Broke-Ass Bride Wants to Hear from You!

Hair & Makeup:

Girl, I get it. You don’t want to (or can’t!) plunk down some serious skrilla on trials, site visits and day-of beautification. And since you’ve spent all that time on Pinterest, you know exactly what you want (#duh), but how do you actually make it happen? We’ll work with a couple rockin’ peeps to make step-by-step tutorials to make it as easy-peasy as possible … and will totes be open your own how-to quandaries!

Ceremony Readings:

Y’all, your ceremony doesn’t have to be by the book. But it can be super tough finding passages that work with your wedding scheme and dream. So, we’ll spend our time scouring the Interwebz and real actual books to find great readings that would work during your ceremony.


I’ll admit it: I’m a little flower dumb. I know the basics, but I don’t know what’s in season or when, how much they cost, what a more affordable substitute would be or how best to pair them with other blooms for your decor. And if I don’t know that after many years in Weddingland, I figure some darling souls out there must be in the same boat.

So, chickens! Cast your vote! Which of these ideas pique your interest

Got an idea that’s didn’t make the list? Sound off in the comments below!

On Marriage: Study Finds That “Happy Wife, Happy Life” Is Pretty Dead On

When it comes to old tropes regarding relationships, I think it’s safe to say the majority of us brush it off and go about our merry ways. However, according to a recent study in the Journal of Marriage and Family, and explored in this article on The Huffington Post, a wife’s marital satisfaction may actually increase the overall quality of life. Here’s an excerpt, but to continue reading, follow the link at the end.

On Marriage Study Finds That Happy Wife, Happy Life is Pretty Dead On

Photo: Iz Photography by Izelle Labuschagne

There’s all sorts of antiquated marriage advice out there, but it turns out that there’s one relationship trope that actually holds true: “Happy wife, happy life.”

A recent study published in the Journal of Marriage and Family found that men who are unhappily married may still be happy with their lives overall — as long as their wives are satisfied with their marriages.

“A wife’s happiness in the marriage has the power to overtake a husband’s marital unhappiness to make his overall life quite pleasant,” Deborah Carr, professor of sociology at Rutgers University and co-author of the study, told The Huffington Post. “That was the finding that makes people say, ‘Happy wife, happy life.’ But it cuts the other way, ‘Miserable wife, miserable life.’”

Husbands and wives are socialized to handle the ups and downs of marriage differently.

Carr and her co-author Vicki A. Freedman, a professor at the University of Michigan, analyzed daily diary entries from the 2009 Disability and Use of Time supplement to the Panel Study of Income Dynamics, a longitudinal household survey of 18,000 individuals conducted by the University of Michigan. Both spouses surveyed were at least 50 years old and at least one spouse was 60 years old or older. Marital satisfaction was rated in each entry on a scale of one to four.

Husbands who rated the quality of their marriage a one but whose wives rated the marriage a four were happy with their lives overall, while husbands who rated their marriages a one whose wives also rated the marriage a one reported low overall well-being. The inverse wasn’t true for wives: Women’s happiness didn’t seem to be affected by husbands’ satisfaction with their marriages.

One reason for this discrepancy in happiness, Carr explained, is that if a man is unhappy in the relationship but the wife is happy, she’s more likely to provide him benefits that enhance his overall life — she’ll engage in sexual relations, provide emotional support and take on household chores.

As for why women’s happiness doesn’t seem to be affected by their husbands’ marital satisfaction, Carr conjectured that wives generally have no idea if husbands are happy with marriages or not because men aren’t socialized to discuss feelings, good or bad.

“If a wife is unhappy with her marriage, she’s going to do something about it,” Carr said. “She might complain; she might be less forthcoming with love and support. Men are not the ones to say, ‘We need to talk about the relationship.’ If they’re unhappy, they’re going to sit in their chair and stew over it.”

Click here to continue reading Study Finds That “Happy Wife, Happy Life” Is Pretty Dead On

Doggone It, This is One Pawfect Wedding Video

Happy Monday, darlings! I stumbled across this adorable little video today, and I know how much you BABs love including your furry friends in your big day. So, natch, I hollered out to Danni Rivera, the mind behind Philly’s Danfredo Photos + Films to see if I could swoop it to share with y’all. And guys, YOU’RE WELCOME. Let’s start this week with a huge dose of awesome, shall we?

Photo + Video: Danfredo Photos + Films | Styling: Confetti & Co. | Floral Design: Kate Farley Design | Stationery + Calligraphy: hello, bird. | Desserts: Saylormade | Custom Pet Paintings + Watercolour Portraits: Pennys & Stamps | Bone Cookie Favors + Guest Bow Ties: Amelie’s Bark Shop | Decor + Place Settings: West Elm | Cake Stands: BHLDN +Anthropologie | Jewelry: J. Crew | Ties: The Tie Bar + Forage | Venue: Maas Building, Philadelphia, PA | Music: Song Freedom (“I Do”, Colbie Caillat)

See all the photos and get to know the inspiration behind the video idea over on the Dandfredo Photos + Films blog here.

And! She’s currently booking weddings for 2015, so for all you couples in the Philly-NYC area, GET. ON. IT.

Ten for the Weekend: Sales and Deals Ripe for the Picking

All right, it’s Friday afternoon! Time for a little maxin’, relaxin’ and weekend shoppin’! This week, I’ve got a huge bridesmaid dress sale, sequin dresses, yoga gear and more! Happy shopping, darlings!

Ten for the Weekend: Sales and Deals Ripe for the Picking

1. Snuggle in for the cooler months. Sleepyheads Mall is knocking 30% off all fleece robes with code ROBE30 until 9/28.

2. If you’re a big plan-ahead type of person, then go ahead and stock up on cards, calendars and photo books from MixBook at up to 40% off when you use code FALL14.

3. Hey yogis! Save 20% off all prAna clothing during’s clearance sale when you use code PRANA20 at checkout. 

4. Get your personalized wedding party gifts from Zazzle and knock 10% off your order with YOURFALLDEAL.

5. Whether you’re in need of bridesmaid dresses or rockin’ party frocks, get thee to Dessy where you can get 15% off and FREE shipping on entire site until 10/1 with code DG915.

6. Winter brides and grooms! Head on over to Wedding Paper Divas and save 30% on your Save the Date order with code WPD30DATESEP.

7. We could all use more sequins in our lives, amirite? Head on over to and take $5 OFF $50 on sequin party dress orders with code LITBBling.

8. Fall always puts me in nesting mode, with a constant yearn for new furniture an decor. Design Within Reach is having a once-a-year Knoll sale of 15% off + FREE shipping until 9/30.

9. Want to get those Instagram snaps of your delish lunch just right? Take a food photography class … or any of a wide range of other course during Craftsy’s fall sale, where you can get the how-to for up to 50% off through 9/22.

10. American Eagle and Aerie are having their big Friends & Family sales this weekend. Get 25% off at Aerie using code 69E798N1 and 25% off at American Eagle using code 69E798N1.



Five for Friday: ThirdLove has Hot Underthings For Your Wedding Night and Beyond

There’s a new bra game in town, you guys, and I’m pretty in love with them. I own one of the 24/7 T-shirt bras by ThirdLove, and it’s easily become my favorite bra. The company focuses entirely on fit and comfort, and gooood lawwwwd do they nail it. My 36C ladies definitely have the double-bubble issue, and by the end of the day, I’m usually pretty freaking exhausted of having the girls caged and restricted. I’ve worked for lingerie shops in the past, and am incredibly picky when it comes to my boulder holders. And I believe a good bra is totally worth investing in (ThirdLove’s bras top out at $64), because you’re going to be sporting the thing All. Damn. Day. They have a huge range of sizes — including half-cup sizes. And pretty colors! So, for this week’s Five for Friday, here are five gorgeous pieces from ThirdLove that are perfect to fan the flame on your wedding night … and many nights beyond!

Ivory Lace Balconet Bra from ThirdLove Ivory Lace Balconet, $64

ThirdLove lace thong


Lace Thong, $21 $14 Black Mesh Demi Bra by ThirdLove
Black Mesh Demi, $59

Lace Boyshort by ThirdLove

Lace Boyshort, $21

ThirdLove Deep Pink Mesh Plunge Bra

Deep Pink Mesh Plunge, $49

Which of ThirdLove’s pieces is your favorite?