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Suit shopping is hard — take it from someone who shops A LOT. Let’s just get rid of the suits for work and wear T-shirts and jeans forever, #amirite? Well, certain occasions call for a fancy suit and a wedding is one of them. Whether your a groom, a groomsman or just need an inexpensive suit, the list below is just for you. Pick your style, pick your suit. Simple as that.

The Guy You Always Trust
Bonobo Foundation Suit

Bonobos Foundation Cotton Suit, $450

He always shows up on time. He remembers all your stories. And you’re not sure you’ve ever seen him lose his cool. He’s so put together, when he puts on a simple navy suit he looks better and more comfortable in it than most people do in pajamas. This is the most versatile option for just about any wedding or occasion. The details: Breathable 100% cotton in four color options with traditional notch lapels

The Collegiate
J Crew Ludlow wool suit

J. Crew Ludlow Tweed Suit, $425

Hey Smarty Pants. When someone asks about your outfit, just say, “Oh, this? It’s just my Donegal tweed suit. No big.” They’ll immediately wonder what your doctorate was in at Yale and where you’re hiding the Oxford Dictionary. This is a great one for rustic weddings or something between formal and informal. The details: Wool tweed, so best in the cooler months, and comes in three colors.

Laid-back Jack

Dessy Khaki Suit

Classic Summer Suit by After Six at Dessy, $159

This guy doesn’t even know what Xanax is. One time he took a melatonin to sleep on his plane ride to that one tiny exotic island you’ve never heard of. He invited you to go skydiving once — yeah right, dude. Just like that guy, this suit is at home on the beach or basking in the summer sun. The details: Khaki cotton. It’s a pretty classic fit, though it might be cut a little slim in the jacket. Avoid the flip flops, just this once (except in the sand).

That Slick Motherfucker
Combatant Gentlemen slim suit

Combatant Gentleman, $160

He wears a suit everyday because, you know, that’s what everyone does, right? People see him at work, on the street, at that really cool cafe and think, “Damn, he’s really got it together.” And this guy is smart, too, because this suit is appropriate for pretty much any occasion, all year long. Bonus, it’s hella inexpensive. The details: 100% Italian wool, cut in a slim fit. Pick your choice of 24 freaking colors and style options.


Men's Wearhouse Three Piece Suit

Men’s Wearhouse Pronto Uomo Platinum Black Pinstripe Suit, $399

This guy is smooth AF. Like, they should just put this suit in the dictionary under the word “charm.” 50 Shades of Grey much? This suit needs no bondage accessories to look and feel sexy — it just IS. That’s how it goes with a three-piece suit, you look good no matter what. Add a pocket square or a lapel pin to be real pimp. The details: Comes in five dark shades of 100% wool. Notch lapel and side vent features.

What kind of suit personality matches your favorite fella?

  • 8/28

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    I’m a huge fan of fall weddings. The air is a little crisper and longer length dresses are a little more en vogue as a result. Plus jewel tones and autumn affairs go together like cake and frosting, and I’m not complaining. In fact, this fall I’m coordinating a friend’s wedding and she’s rocking a gorgeous rose gold sequin gown while her bridesmaids will be donning their own floor-length jewel tone frocks. My heart is aflutter with anticipation (as yours should be, because you bet your butt I’mma be posting that stunnah all up in this bish). As luck would have it, ModCloth has a seriously ridic selection of gorgeous gowns in jewel tones right now — mostly under $100 — and (natch) I found my five faves for you, darling!


    Receiving Line Dress, $53.99modcloth-beyond-compare-dress-garnet

    Beyond Compare Dress in Garnet, $94.99modcloth-luxe-legacy-dress

    Luxe Legacy Dress, $159.99modclith-velvet-rope-dress-noir

    Velvet Rope Ready Dress, $89.99modcloth-honey-im-homecoming-dress

    Honey, I’m Homecoming Dress, $89.99

    Which one of these gorgeous gowns is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below!

  • 8/25


    We love Minted -- we've always loved Minted -- because they have stunningly amazing stationery. But when we got word through a little birdie (in the form of an email from Minted) that they were launching Print-It-Yourself wedding stationery, we kind of died a little (in a good way). Because, you guys, this super affordable option to get the gorgeous designs Minted offers up without spending…

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    Happy Friday, Broke-Asses! I know we cover wedding stationery a lot -- I mean, we just did it for Five for Friday, but we rarely cover the other little paper goods extras. Menus, place cards, programs, thank yous ... they get skipped over a lot. Hell, once I started down the rabbit hole of non-save the date and invitation paper goods, I was blown away…

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    Soft Bouganvalleas

    Happy Friday, y'all! Whew ... what a week! I can't believe we're already midway through August! With fall peeking its head around the corner, it's the perfect time to ogle gorgeous, shiny foil stamped stationery ... and we're in luck, as it just so happens that Wedding Paper Divas is knocking a cool 30% off their foil stamped pretties + 20% off the rest of…

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  • 8/10

    WeddingMix by Storymix Logo

    Blakeley & Jimmy's Unforgettable Wedding | WeddingMix App Lite Sample from WeddingMix on Vimeo. Our friends over at WeddingMix, masters of the DIY wedding videography, have something awesome up their sleeves, you guys, and it'll make you love 'em even more (if that's even possible). Our homies of awesome and inexpensive crowdsourced wedding videos -- that are sent back to WeddingMix HQ to get the…

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    BHLDN Rose Dress

    It's that time again, and I LOVE IT. Whenever our beloved BHLDN drops a new line, I spend hours ogling it and dreaming of beautiful brides twirling in their gowns ... and this line is no exception. Especially with the twirl factor. The dresses are so fluffy and flowy that given my druthers, I'd never, ever stop twirling. Ever. Inspired by fairytales but realistically affordable,…

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    Dual Stone Ring Onyx || Five for Friday: Accessories that are Simply Fab

    Happy Friday, Broke-Asses! It's been a crazy week around here, what with the awesomeness of the David's Bridal sale, summer being her all-too-tempting-to-play-hooky self, the return of Ask Liz and so much more. When things get a little insane, I tend to fall down the rabbit hole of the Internet, and all too often find myself daydreaming about pretty dresses, fun home stuff and accessories…

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  • 7/21

    Gown WG3532, Headpiece 35986C001, Bracelet 9721|| David's Bridal Busts Out A Big Ol' Heaping of Savings

    It's Christmas in July! No, not really, but pretty damn close, y'all. David's Bridal is having their hugest sale of the season. And by huge, we mean RIDICULOUS. For serious. From wedding dresses to styles for your entourage to all those pretty little sparkly adornments, prices are slashed across the board: * Wedding dresses that were originally $300-$600 are now as low as $99, with…

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