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Ten for the Weekend: Dresses, Bling, Sports Gear and More

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1. Head over to BCBG to get 25% off all regular-priced items until 3/29 with code BECHIC25OFF.

2. Hey sports fans! is having a spring sale, offering 15% to 50% off hundreds of items until 3/31.

3. Hunting for your wedding jewelry? Get 25% off at Helzberg Outlet with code OUTLET25.

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 11.03.49 AM

This pretty lady is under $100. 

4. First time customers can save $25 off orders of $75 from Rent the Runway until 4/24 with code 25OFFNEW.

5. Wedding Paper Divas is taking 40% off save the dates, 30% off premium save the date products and magnets and 40% off cards, postcards and coasters until 3/30 with code 0327DEAL.

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 11.08.35 AM

Well, these coasters are pretty much the cutest.

6. Hey big eyes! Julep is taking 50% off their knockout Lashes for Days mascara duo until 5/1 with code BIGEYES.

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 11.01.45 AM

7. Wearing shapewear under your gown? Hourglass Angel is taking $10 off lowback shapers with code LOW10 through 4/1.

8. Get a great deal on your beauty needs at Beauty Store Depot with 25% off orders $49+ until 3/30 with code BUZZ.

9. Head to Target for an extra 10% off home deals with code MADNESS until 3/28.

10. True & Co. is faced with the slightly enviable problem of having too much of a good thing: They’re overstocked with their pretty lingerie, so they’re knocking 40% off when you use code TOOMUCH40.


Five for Friday: Sunny Yellow Dresses

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The weather in North Texas this week has been absolutely gorgeous, which is awesome because I feel like it’s making up for my less-than-awesome last couple of days in Mexico last week (more on that Monday). It’s been patio-drinking weather, even running on the side of hot more than once this week. I’m starting to see the telltale sundresses of summer emerge, and one color that keeps catching my eye right now is yellow, which doesn’t look all that great on me but is fun and bright regardless. Here are my five favorite yellow dresses right now: Five for Friday: Sunny Yellow Dresses

That’s a Wrap Dress, $49 at Lulu’s

I love me a good wrap dress, and I’ve sort of been obsessing over them lately. I love the super bright color of this one — classic shape, unexpected color. That’s a great match.

Five for Friday: Sunny Yellow Dresses

Jessica Howard Floral Belted Dress, $99 at Macy’s

Put your bridesmaids in this dress, plz. Five for Friday: Sunny Yellow Dresses

ML Monique Lhuillier Ever After Dress, $35-$55 to rent at Rent the Runway

Or, better yet, rather than making them buy a dress, put them in a scmancy designer dress that they can just rent for the occasion. So much winning. Five for Friday: Sunny Yellow Dresses

Ain’t It Sunny? Dress, $49.99 at ModCloth

Y’all know how I feel about polka dots. This dress is so cute for summer and spring, and there’s a really adorbz keyhole detail on the back. Five for Friday: Sunny Yellow Dresses

Petite Strappy Midi Dress in Crepe, $27 at Asos

For all you little ladies out there (woot!) this dress is sooo pretty. Throw ‘er on with some sandals and sick shades and you just sashay yourself all over town, mmkay?

What’s your favorite spring shade, BABs? Do you love any of these dresses? Tell me in the comments below!

Cool Wedding-y Shizz Around the Web: Pinterest Edition

Wedding Blogs to Follow on Pinterest

Rather than the roundup of awesome things rocking in Weddingland around the blogosphere this week, I thought I’d point out some rad Pinterest accounts to follow, especially for brides on a budget (that’s you)! While not all are budget-specific wedding blogs, many are. Some are just great for location-specific (mountains and coast) and some span content ranging from weddings to beauty to lifestyle. The one thing they do have in common, though, is they all serve up wonderful wedding inspiration on (nearly) everyone’s favorite discovery tool site.

DIY Bride — Of course it’s jam-packed with crafty ideas, but there’s lots of gorgeous inspo, too.

Kiss My Tulle — Not just for super budget weddings, KMT’s Pinterest board is full of life hacks, pretty inspiration and some goodies for your mommy friends, too.

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 7.59.02 AM

The Budget Savvy Bride — Great for more classical, traditional brides on a budget.

Mountainside Bride — Does getting married on a summit or at the base of towering peaks appeal to you? This might be the pinner to follow!

Pretty Pear Bride — Sick of seeing stick-thin wedding models? PPB has lots of plus-size real brides and inspiration.

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 8.00.05 AM

Budget Fairy Tale — If you’re planning a wedding to your Prince Charming, BFT is a great place to start.

On the Go Bride — Ever feel like you’re alone in the business of life and wedding planning? You’re not.

Hey Wedding Lady — The DIY board isn’t to be missed, mmmkay?

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 7.57.46 AM

The Big Fat Indian Wedding — I loooove looking at south Asian weddings: The henna, the colors the gold everywhere!

Classic Bride Blog — We love making our own body goodies, and the Apothecary board is full of awesome how-tos.

Rustic Folk Weddings – Her budget wedding board is bursting with great tips.

Elizabeth Ann Designs — Guys, EAD has a FREE PRINTABLES board.

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 8.03.41 AM

Chic Vintage Brides — CVB has a board that proves budget doesn’t have to equal cheap.

Oh Lovely Day — OLD’s DIY wedding board is gorgeous.

And, of course, you should follow us! We have everything from bridesmaid inspiration to life hacks to blogging tips and of course much of the amazing stuff you see here every day!


DIY Your Day-Of Schedule with Timeline Genius

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Timeline Genius
One of the great perks to hiring a great wedding planner is that you have someone who already knows their way around a wedding timeline or two. But a wedding planner certainly doesn’t fit into every broke-ass’ budget, and you still need some sort of schedule to tell you — everyone else — what to do and where to be on the day-of.

You already know some of the basics: Ceremony at 5:30. Hair and makeup at 3. Reception at 7. Gotta be donezo and outta there at 11. But …

When does your partner and their crew arrive? What about the band? And the caterer? When is all the photoing supposed to happen? How about the cake cutting, first dance and toasts?  Timeline Genius

Guys, that’s a lot to wrangle by your self when you’re DIYing your own schedule. But Timeline Genius can give you a little peace of mind. For about $60, you can plug in the pertinents — who, what, where and when-ish — and it’ll spit out a super profesh timeline for you and your crew to operate off. Timeline Genius is totally customizable by what you actually plan on doing during your wedding day — no first dance? No problem. Want to do a first look? There’s a button for that. If you’re wrangling tons of peeps or are just super nervous, you can spring for the VIP package — $99.99 — that includes a review with a Master Bridal Consultant (schmancy!) who’ll make sure all your shizz is in place to help you be a zen bride on your wedding day.

Once you get your super fancy sched from Timeline Genius, pass it out to your peeps — everyone from your photog to your hair and makeup to your flower girl’s mom — to make sure you’re all on the same page so you can glide down that aisle with your sanity firmly intact.


“But How Will It Look on Me?” A Wedding Gown Test Drive

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For all the talk we have on BAB about trying on wedding gowns, we rarely discuss our level of expectation when it comes to a gorgeous gown we’ve been ogling online vs. the reality once it hits our likely not-model bodies. With this in mind, I put my head together with the amazing team at BHLDN who came down to Dallas for a trunk show and managed to finagle an appointment for me to actually try on their gowns live and in person. I recruited the help of my girls at The Purple Pebble (the amazing photographers behind the brides in glasses shoot) and brought Real Bride Shannon with me for hair, makeup and emotional support.

The last time I put on a real wedding gown was during the aforementioned shoot with The Purple Pebble — which was also about 17 pounds ago. On my 5’2″ frame, 17 pounds is a pretty good chunk to add — especially given I already have a fairly large bust (36C) and a curvy frame. So, you could definitely say I’m not an exemplification of the girls you see modeling the BHLDN gowns on the regs. And that’s exactly why I wanted to do this shoot: You guys are just as real as I am — we come in all shapes and sizes. And because we feature BHLDN gowns so often, I felt it necessary to be able to have my own experience with the dresses. I made sure to try on a few favorites — Persiphone with her gorgeous tulle, Wisteria in all her shimmering goodness, Elsa with her removable skirt and Cascada who was just the softest and flowiest.

On the model:


Persiphone Gown, $1350

On the BAB staffer:

001_BHLDN Shoot_BAB

002_BHLDN Shoot_BAB

003_BHLDN Shoot_BAB

How It Felt:

Oh, Persiphone. I love you. This Watters gown is so pretty. The beading at the top is heavier than I anticipated, but not overbearing. The dress overall is gorgeous, but since I was in a sample size and I probably should have sized up one or two, the sheath skirt underneath was a little tight and bunchy, but had it been my size it would have likely been perfect. For ladies looking for a little bosom bump without being too risque, the V-neck is showing but in a modest kinda way. The stylist added the Pearl Petal Halo, which is not necessarily how I, personally, would wear a headpiece, but I thought it complemented the look in a really fun, whimsical way.

On the model:


Wisteria Gown, $2,100

On the BAB staffer:

004_BHLDN Shoot_BAB

008_BHLDN Shoot_BAB

010_BHLDN Shoot_BAB

How it felt:

When this BHLDN line first hit the Internetz, contributor Elaine emailed me IMMEDIATELY with this dress saying she thought it was just so me. And she was totes right. This gown has nearly everything I like — shimmer, twirliness, a surprising color and straps. I kept getting nervous with the detail, though, because I’m totally one of those people whose jewelry will get caught on everything and I was so scared to rip one of those gorgeous metallic lace pieces. Wisteria has a little bit of an edgy punk-rock kind of feel to her, which I’m totally drawn to. And she’s light as hell — seriously. I put her on and, with the exception of the million extra feet of material since I’m obviously closely related to a hobbit, it was so easy to move in.

On the model:

Elsa Skirt

Elsa Elsa Gown, $1494 and Elsa Tulle Skirt, $595

On the BAB staffer:

012_BHLDN Shoot_BAB

014_BHLDN Shoot_BAB

016_BHLDN Shoot_BAB

018_BHLDN Shoot_BAB

019_BHLDN Shoot_BAB

How it felt:

With all her intricate beading, Elsa is kinda heavy, but she slinks over your body in such a way that it feels really good and she makes a great sound when you walk. The removable tulle skirt is super fun, but I kind of wish that rather than having to step out of it or slip it over my head, there was a button so you can just undo it and let ‘er drop, a la snap pants style. Its hook-and-eye closure does streamline the removal process, though. This look was styled with the Floret Tulle Sash as a headpiece, which again, isn’t really my style, but it did make me realize that this dress is incredibly versatile — you can totally do anything with it. I was very surprised by how I felt in Elsa, because she’s certainly the slinkiest of the bunch which made me a little trepidatious at first, but she made my curves stand out in such a way that I felt sexy and gorgeous and confident, which is exactly how I want to feel in a wedding gown. Her beading is so, SO gorgeous in person. I truly thought that one of the gowns that would show off my upper half while camouflaging my lower half and highlighting my waist would be my preference, but Elsa did a significantly better job of making me feel wonderful than some of the others.

On the model:

Cascada Cascada Gown, $1600

On the BAB staffer:

021_BHLDN Shoot_BAB

023_BHLDN Shoot_BAB

020_BHLDN Shoot_BAB

022_BHLDN Shoot_BAB

How it felt:

If ever there is a reason to venture outside your preconceived notions with your wedding vision, Cascada is it. With her little strips of fabric and uber boho look, she is so not what I would gravitate toward, but I fell in love with her the second I put her on. She’s light, she’s soft and she totally brought out a sassy side in me. Cascada is comfortable to walk around and sit down in, and she flows like you wouldn’t believe. Getting married in the woods, in a back yard or on the beach? This could be your homegirl. Cascada was styled with the Honeysuckle Halo, which I also really liked, but would be more apt to wear traditional headband style. I’m just not a halo person, I guess.

Overall, I was just as thrilled with the BHDLN gowns as I hoped I would be, which is awesome — because how much does it suck to love something until you personally experience it? There were definitely a few surprises: Never in a million years would I think that a slinky sheath would make me feel more confident than a ballgown or fit and flare, which — adversely — made me feel a little more self-conscious about my height. But it’s a good reminder that as my body changes, it’s important to explore outside my standard comfort zone to figure out what makes me feel the best — because when you feel good, it shows.

A good tailor is always key when it comes to wedding gowns, too, because they’ll make the fit right for you and your body type. I, personally, recommend using an independent seamstress who is knowledgeable about wedding gowns and their structures, because those things can be complicated. A seamstress like this may often be cheaper than your average bridal salon, and s/he could have a faster turnaround.

A special thanks goes out to Ally and Megan at The Purple Pebble, Jessica and team at BHLDN, the crew at Anthropologie in Southlake, TX and Real Bride Shannon.



Five for Friday: Extras to Pack for Your Beach Honeymoon

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Unless you’ve been hiding under a social media rock — which, amen, sister! — you might have picked up that I’m in Puerto Vallarta checking out some of the amazing places to stay and things to do if you come here for your honeymoon or destination wedding. And y’all, stay tuned because I’ve got so much fun stuffs for you! But, first, I thought I’d share some of the little extras that have made my trip here a little more seamless just because I remembered to throw these bad boys in my bag.

Swim Spray

Swim Spray, $11.95

This stuff is like the miracle cure for pool and ocean junkies like myself. Especially blond pool and ocean junkies like myself. It helps repair and protect your precious tresses against the caca in chlorine and the sea.

Downy Wrinkle Releaser

Downy Wrinkle Releaser (travel size) $1.40

Those purdy dresses will look way less awesome if they’re full of wrinkles. This shit will help without having to bust out the cumbersome iron sitch in your hotel room.


Never Hungover, $17.94 for 6

You know what sucks? Feeling like shit any morning of your honeymoon. But when you’re on your honeymoon, there’s no reason for you to not throw back a few or indulge in some serious tequila tasting. Never Hungover helps ease that pain by making a pre-emptive strike.

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 8.28.25 AM

ID-ON Stor, $18

Stash your room key and a credit card in your phone case and leave the rest of your stuff in the safe. You’re going to want to bust your phone to take pics, but you don’t need everything else all of the time.
Hollywood Deodorant Wipes Hollywood Deodorant Wipes, $7.20 for 5

I don’t know about y’all but this bitch is sweaty. And I get SUPER self-concious about it, so I always try to be sure to have some deodorant thing around. These are especially fab if you’re going from swimming to sight-seeing and dinner without much time in between.

What are your go-to items for your vacations? Tell me in the comments below!


Pinch Me! Dreamy Greenspiration for St. Patty’s Day

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If your blood is whisky tinged and you’re swelling with pride today, these gorgeous green details might be perfect for your Irish self. Etsy has a huge dearth of St. Pat’s inspiration (y’all get their newsletter, right? Because the wedding one is RIDICULOUS for inspiration. Be prepared to drool), so after much deliberation, I picked some of my fave pieces that would be rad for your wedding — whether it’s on this v. rad holiday or you just want to show off a little of your heritage.

Art Deco Hair Comb


Art Deco Hair Comb, $32.61 at IgnaDesignShop
Green garland
Green Circles Paper Garland, $11 at HoopsyDaisy
Green Invitations
Triangle Mountains Wedding Invitation and RSVP Card, download or print starting at $39 by LucyLovesPaper
Green Tutu
Green Newborn Tutu, $11 by MyTuTuCuteBoutique

I know the BAB debate rages on about kids vs. no kids, but HOW CUTE IS THIS???

LOVE Cookies

Love Shamrock Cookies, $36 for 1 dozen by KatieDuran

LUCK Mason Jars

Set of 4 Handpainted Mason Jars, $34 by curiouscarrie
Lucky in Love Notebook
Lucky in Love Couples Notebook, $8 by MrScribbles

Green Sea Glass Ring

Double Sea Glass Kelly Green Ring, $29 by seaglassin

Sloth Plush

St. Patrick’s Day Sloth Felt Plush, $17 by wishwithme

Guys, I have no idea how you’d use this little dude, but he’s TOO FREAKING CUTE to not include.

I hope you all have a wonderful St. Pat’s! Be careful, and may the road rise up to meet you. Sláinte!

Five for Friday: Green Frocks that May Bring a Little Luck

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Full disclosure: I love me some St. Patrick’s Day. I know it’s like amateur hour with regard to boozing and such, and many a person takes it as an open invitation to act a fool, but with all this Irish blood coursing through my body I can’t help but puff my chest out a little every year on March 17. So in honor of the impending holiday, this Five for Friday features some gorgeous green dresses that may carry a little Luck of the Irish with ‘em!

Five for Friday: Green Frocks that May Bring a Little Luck

Having a Ball Green Sequin Dress, $49 at Lulu’s

Make your St. Pat’s a little extra fancy with #sparklez
Five for Friday: Green Frocks that May Bring a Little Luck

Luck be a Lady Dress, $79.99 at ModCloth

I mean, the name says it all, right? I love this dress.

Five for Friday: Green Frocks that May Bring a Little Luck

Alberto Makali Floral Lace Dress, $69.30 at Neiman Marcus Last Call

Having a wedding with green as one of your colors? I found your bridesmaid dress!

Five for Friday: Green Frocks that May Bring a Little Luck

Premium Satin Cross Front Midi Dress, $78 at Asos

This dress is just so classy.

Five for Friday: Green Frocks that May Bring a Little Luck

Crepe Shift Dress, $88 exclusively at Nordstrom

This dress looks like the absolute comfiest. Toss it on with some cute sandals or edgy ankle boots and hit the town!

Which of these pretty frocks is your favorite?

Cool Wedding-y Shizz Around the Web

We’ve shown you how to make your own deodorant, now Classic Bride is sharing how to make your own coconut and honey conditioner … they say for your ladies, but I’d probz just keep it mahself.

Classic Bride DIY Coconut Milk Conditioner

Glitter + cupcakes already wins, but you add in Mickey Mouse? Yep, that’s a solid victory. Inspired by Dis shares a how-to for making these sparkly cupcake toppers.

Looking for a great alternative to the traditional bridal show? Budget Fairy Tale has a writeup of her experience with the awesomely offbeat (it is partially run by Ariel of Offbeat Bride, after all) LoveSick Expo.

Budget Savvy Bride strikes with Budget Wedding Tip #25.

Budget Savvy Bride Budget Wedding Tip #25

Help your guests beat the heat during your summer wedding with these tips from Knotsvilla.

If you’re worried that your wedding is going to look like a mish-mash of ideas, head to Aisle Perfect for a guide on creating a cohesive wedding theme.

We love punchy colors on BAB, but Brenda’s Wedding Blog has a beautiful inspiration board featuring softer, more romantic colors that you’ll totes swoon over.

Brenda's Wedding Blog Soft Romantic Spring Wedding

Wanna get fancy? Check out this amazing DIY floral napkin ring on Tidewater & Tulle. Probz better (for your sanity) for an intimate dinner wedding.

Do you know what to pack for your honeymoon? Kiss My Tulle compiled a fantastic list to help.

Kiss My Tulle Honeymoon Essentials

Newly engaged? Marry Me Tampa Bay has a list of post “yes!” steps.

This rose gold and black wine bottle DIY on B.Loved is gorgeous and toooottallly easy.