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BAB Throwback: Can’t Afford It? Get Over It! Grace Kelly-Inspired Gowns with Sleeves

Hey, BABs! Happy Independence Day eve! With holiday staring us down, our Can’t Afford It? Get Over It! guru Elaine was booted out the door early by yours truly to enjoy her weekend. So, in lieu of her amazingly accurate CAI/GOIs, I’m bringing back one of our most popular posts in the column, featuring not one but TWO different gowns to get over. Keep in mind, may of these styles may not be available, but if you fall in love with one, you can always holler at us and we’ll help you get over it! Orginally posted 2/1/2011.

Bride Melissa wrote in asking us to find her a Grace Kelly-inspired gown with sleeves.  In Melissa’s initial search for “sleeved bridal gowns,” she found gowns that exuded too much modesty and not enough style.  So she’s been having trouble finding something that pops. It must be sleeve week, because I got another email from bride Briana looking for a Get Over It version of this sleeved gown by Le Spose di Gio:

Can’t Afford It:

So this is how we’re going to handle this.  First, I will post the Get Over It Gowns for Briana’s Le Sposa di Gio, then I will put together a Get Over It Gallery of Grace Kelly-inspired sleeved gowns under $1000 for Melissa. And feel free to share, ladies. Briana, you may see something you likes from Melissa’s Get Over It picks, and vice versa.  You sleeved brides need to stick together. Don’t you just feel the Get Over It gown love?

Get Over It:

1. Sincerity Bridal. Retails between $500 and $1000.

2. Sottero & Midgley. Retails for about $1000.

3. David’s Bridal. Retails for $850.

4. David’s Bridal. Retails for $950.

5. Kathy Ireland Weddings. Retails for about $1000.

6. Sincerity Bridal Plus. Retails for about $1000.

7. Jasmine Collection. Retails between $500 and $1000.

Get Over It Gown Gallery: Grace Kelly Edition

Stylish Sleeved Gowns for Under $1000

1. Unique Vintage. Retails for $195.

2. Unique Vintage. Retails for $458.

3. Unique Vintage. Retails for $478.

4. Unique Vintage. Retails for $375.

5. Stop Staring! Retails for $178.

6. Unique Vintage. Retails for $375.

7. Unique Vintage. Retails for $968.

8. Jasmine Collection. Retails for about $1000.

9. Unique Vintage. Retails for $814.

10. Ting Bridal. Retails for $498.

11. Love June. Retails for $395.

12. Love June. Retails for $445.

13. La Costurera. Retails for $830.

14. Ting Bridal. Retails for $458.

15. Toccata. Retails for $980.

16. Dolly Couture. Retails for $595.

17. Dolly Couture. Retails for $595.

18. Dolly Couture. Retails for  $495.

19. White House Black Market. Retails for $698.

20. BCBGMAXAZRIA. Retails for $219.

21. J. Crew. Retails for $595.

If you have a gown that you just can’t get off your mind, let us know and we’ll help you get over it!

*As always, please do your own research before buying a gown online. Team Broke-Ass is here to provide you with inspiration and resources, but it is up to the consumer to know what they’re purchasing.

{Can’t Afford It/Get Over It} One Word, Three Syllables: Pnina

Pnina Tornai gowns are a certain kind of special.  They are expertly crafted, sexy yet sophisticated and detailed to the bone.  There’s a reason why their price tags are so high.  But that doesn’t mean us broke-ass brides can’t get the same look for a fraction of the Pnina price.   Let’s see what bride Taralin had to say:

Love this dress but can’t seem to find anything similar – and definitely can’t afford the Pnina.  Any ideas? Thanks!

Can’t Afford It:

Get Over It:

1. Kitty Chen.  About $1000.

2. Impression Bridal. About $1000.

3. Blu By Madeline Gardner. About $1000.

4. Moonlight Collection. About $1000.

5. Alfred Angelo. About $1000.

6. Mori Lee by Madeline Gardner. About $1000.

7. Modeca. About $1000.

8. Moonlight Collection. About $1000.

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{Can’t Afford It/Get Over It} The ‘Belle’ of the Ball

I am in love with this week’s request because it deals with two of my favorite things: Halloween and “Beauty & the Beast”.  Today’s featured bride is having a “Beauty & the Beast” themed wedding on Halloween.  How fun is that?  Let’s see what Natalie had to say:

I am ABSOLUTELY in love with this dress. “Beauty & the Beast” is my favorite story and my fiance and I are kind of running with that theme for our Halloween wedding.  I am looking for something way cheaper though because a designer gown just doesn’t really fit in our budget.

Thanks so much,

I did a little digging and discovered the “Belle” dress costs around $1000.  So I found Natalie some lookalikes for under $600.

Can’t Afford It

Get Over It:

1. Unique Vintage. $530.

2. Faviana. $378.

3. Unique Vintage.  $268.

4. Unique Vintage. $139.

5. Eden Bridals. Under $600.

6. Voyage by Madeline Gardner. Under $600.

7. 1 Wedding by Mary’s Bridal. Under $600.

8. Eden Bridals. Under $600.

9. Wtoo Brides. Under $600.

10. Mary’s Bridal. Under $500.

11. David’s Bridal. $399.99.

12. Bonny Bridal. Under $500.

13. 1 Wedding by Mary’s Bridal. Under $500.

14. Oleg Cassini. $499.99.

15. Davids Bridal. $599.99.

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{Can’t Afford It/Get Over It} The BHLDN Statement Necklace

Today, we are taking a break from gowns and focusing all our attention on the bling–the kind that makes your neck look all gorgeous and stuff. Bride Emm wrote in asking me to find her a few alternatives for a $520 statement necklace she found on BHLDN. Many of you broke-ass brides out there (myself included) can barely afford a $500 dress, let alone a $500 necklace. So let’s help a sister out, shall we?

I was hoping somebody could help me. I’m having such a hard time finding something like the Undulate necklace from Bhldn.

I really can’t spend $520 on a necklace, but so far I’ve got zilch.

Can’t Afford It:

Get Over It:

1. Kendra Scott. $147.

2. Anthropologie. $48.

3. Amrita Singh. $140.

4. Anthropologie. $190.

5. Anthropologie. $68.

6. Coco Scapin. $88.

7. Sorrelli. $209.

8.Tigerlilly. $250.

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{Can’t Afford It/Get Over It} Lace Overload

Claire Pettibone gowns are things of beauty.  But they’re also ass-expensive. Today’s bride is having this very dilemma. So I’m about to throw her a (petti)bone and help her out.  Let’s see what bride Nora had to say:

I have fallen hard for this Claire Pettibone wedding dress. I love the lace and the sleeves and the back.  It’s perfect.  It is also outside of the budget of $1,000 or less.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks!

Can’t Afford It:

Get Over It:

1. Nightcap Clothing. $640.

2. JS Collections. $200.

3. Alice by Temperley. $761.

You would need to hem the sleeves on this one.

4. Tadashi Shoji. $548.

5. Allure Bridals. About $1000.

You would need to hem the sleeves on this one.

6. White by Vera Wang. $600.

7. David’s Bridal. $599.99.

8. Justin Alexander. About $1000.

9. Destinations by Mon Cheri. Under $600.

10. Moonlight. Between $500 & $1000.

11. Mia Solano. Between $500 & $1000.

12. Allure Bridals. Between $500 & $1000.

13. Destinations by Mon Cheri. Under $500.

14. Mia Solano. Between $500 & $1000.

15. Mia Solano. Between $500 & $1000.

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{Can’t Afford It/Get Over It} Watters “Tyler” Look-A-Likes Under $1000

Ladies, I have a gorgeous CAI gown this week that I am sure many of you have lusted over.  It’s strapless, it’s curvaceous, it’s layered in organza, and I’ve got a whole round of gorgeous look-a-likes for under $1000. But first let’s see what Bride Tori wrote:

Hi, Dana! I am in love with the Watters dress called Tyler but I just can’t make myself love the price! Also, I have yet to find a retailer in my area so I can even try the darn thing on! Please help me out here. I’ve found a few sites that claim to have the same dress for a fraction of the cost but dishing out $600 for a knockoff that might not be right makes me cringe. I’ve tried on a similar dress by Marisa but it just didn’t fit the bill. Can you please find me a Tyler look-a-like for a price that’s lookin’ right?! 

Thanks a bunch,


Can’t Afford It:

Get Over It:

1. Jovani. $800.


3. Nicole Miller. $1035.

4. Mignon. $558.

5. Liz Fields. $898.

6. ABS. $489.

7. Theia. $1095.

8. Rebecca Taylor. $695.

9. Halston Heritage. $486.50.

10. Oleg Cassini. $850.

11. David’s Bridal. $199.

12. David’s Bridal. $599.

13. Galina. $449.

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{Can’t Afford It/Get Over It} 1970s Style Wedding Gowns for Under $1000

This week week we’re featuring a whole range of get over it priced gowns — 1970s style.  Let’s see what our bride had to say:

Hello! I would like to say first that your website it pretty much amazing! I have found a lot of tips here that will help me with my up coming wedding. However, I was wondering if you knew of any gowns that had a vintage 70’s look to them under $1000? It would be really helpful to help me in the hunt for my perfect dress! Thank you so much, keep up the amazing work!

Hmm, so nothing specific about what type of 70s… so I’ll throw in a hearty mix of disco diva and boho prairie princess.

Disco Diva 70s Bride:

1. Robert Rodriguez Black Label. $450.


3. Halston Heritage. $626.50.

4. Parker. $395.

5. Mikael Aghal. $236.25

6. Ports 1961. $567.

7.Elie Tahari. $998.

8. Twobirds. $396.

9. ISSA. $367.50.

10. Kaelen. $1125.

11. Rachel Pally. $233.

Boho Prairie Princess Bride:

1. Thread. $480.

2. Vintage Label. $40.

3. Vintage Gunne Sax. $116.99.

4. Twist & Tango. $136.57.

5. Vintage Label. $225.

6. Snow Milk Haute Couture. $80.

7. Vintage Label. $68.

8. Torn by Robby Kobo. $198.

9. Nightcap Clothing. $680.

10. Temperley London. $825.

11. Nanette Lepore. $298.

12. BHLDN. $600.

13. BHLDN. $600.

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{Can’t Afford It/Get Over It} The Iconic ‘Jean Dessès’ Chiffon, Cross-Front Vintage Dress

I am a huge fan of Jean Dessès, a fashion designer from the 40s, 50s and 60s, so I was super excited when I got a CAI/GOI request based on one of his chiffon stunners.  See what bride Saskia had to say:

This is my dream dress, typical it’s a 1950’s vintage Jean Dessès dress and I can’t seem to find anything remotely similar in any colour, while I’d love it in red [but] any white, ivory, blush, silver, grey etc colour would also work.  Would love to see if you can find something similar.  :-)


This bride is clearly not afraid of color, so don’t be surprised to see some non-white dress picks in the get over it mix.

Can’t Afford It:

Get Over It:

1. Dere King. Under $600.

2. Mikael Aghal. $122.50.

3. Nicole Miller. $530.

4. Mikael Aghal. $239.75.

5. Destinations by Maggie Sottero. About $1000.

6. ABS. $79.99.

7. Alex Evenings. $128.

8. Laundry by Shelli Segal. $375.

9. Vera Wang Lavender. $550.

10. Allure Bridals. Under $1000.

11. Bonny Bridal. Under $1000.

12. J.Crew. $850.

13. Aria. Under $500.

14. French Connection. $91.65.

15. J.Crew. $675.

16. Tadashi Shoji. $348.

17. Mandalay. $921.

18. Max and Cleo. $178.

19. Calvin Klein. $198.

20. Badgley Mischka Platinum. $417.

21. Robert Rodriguez Black Label. $537.

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{Can’t Afford It/Get Over It} Kate Moss’s Wedding Gown For Under $1000

I have been wanting get over Kate Moss’s muy expensivo stunner of a bridal gown since the day I laid eyes on its ethereal, effortless beauty.  Well, I am happy to report that the wait is over, brides.  I got the request, and I’m about to lay a whole mess ‘o Moss looks your way. Holl-a.  Let’s see what bride Betty had to say:

I am totally in LOVE with Kate Moss’ wedding dress, but there is no way I can afford a designer gown like that.  Do you know of any dresses under $1000 that have the same airy/breezy quality as well as the glamour?  In particular I love the embellishments on the bottom of the dress.  Thanks!

Can’t Afford It:

Get Over It:

1. Lo Ve La by Liz Fields. Under $1000.

2. Raylia Designs. Under $1000.

3. Mia Solano.  Under $1000.

4. Jasmine Collection. Under $1000.

5. Wtoo. Under $1000.

6. Sue Wong. $490.

7. David’s Bridal. $400.

8. Mignon. $403.

9. Destinations by Maggie Sottero. Under $1000.

10. Toccata. $780.

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