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Dudes, let’s face it. When it comes to saving money for your wedding, every single penny counts. One of the easiest ways to trim down your budget is to cut down the costs of small things, like fashion accessories. Our friends over at The Tie Bar have an immense assortment of pieces for guys, in a wide range of options. Here’s a list of items you can find under $25, but not all of them. We encourage you to venture through their site and check out all the styles they have—and check out their blog for a bevy of great inspirations.

Items to Feature:
The Tie Bar Brewhouse Herringbone wool tie

Brewhouse Herringbone wool tie, $19
The Tie Bar Carpenter Checks cotton tie

Carpenter Checks cotton tie, $19
The Tie Bar Bulletin Dot linen tie

Bulletin Dot linen tie, $19

Clearly, they are going to have a HUGE selection of ties. Even better, they come out with new styles every season alongside their tried-and-true staples.

The Tie Bar Bowties
The Tie Bar Checkmates BowtieCheckmates, $19

SO. MANY. BOWTIES. They have a very wide selection of styles, colors & fabrics—and they’ll all under $25!

The Tie Bar Tie Bars
Tie Bars, $15 Each

Tie Bars are a great way to polish your look and get that Mad Men style.

The Tie Bar Gingham Pin

Petite Gingham lapel pin, $8
The Tie Bar Knit Flower

Lapel Flower, $5
The Tie Bar Danbury Plaid Pin

Danbury Plaid lapel pin, $8

Don’t want to go with a froofy boutonniere? Opt for a lapel pin! The Tie Bar’s are super affordable, so you can have the entire groom party wear ‘em.

The Tie Bar Deep Blue Square Cufflinks

Deep Blue Square cufflinks, $20
The Tie Bar Silk Knots Cufflinks
Silk Knots cufflinks, $20 for 3

If your shirt has French cuffs, you’ll need cuff links. Many retailers charge serious dough for them, but The Tie Bar has an affordable selection.

Socks, $8 Each, $20 for 3-Pack

Socks are a VERY inexpensive way to personalize your look, especially for the quirky groom. We love when the groom party has coordinated socks — they make for some great photography.

The Tie Bar Dotted Dots pocket square

Dotted Dots pocket square, $10
The Tie Bar Solid Knit pocket square

Solid Knit pocket square, $10

These give a nice pop to a suit and elevate a look. Don’t be intimidated if you don’t know how to style pocket squares, we have a post to help you out!

Now put those pennies back in your pocket and go out and be stylish.

Any accessories you’ve got your eye on? Let us know in the comments, or share it with #brokeassbride on Instagram!

  • 9/22

    Affiliate Disclaimer New

    Hey BABs! Thanks so much for hanging in there as we work our way through all the requests for help with finding alternate gowns. While you’re waiting for us to get to your request, don’t forget that you can use the search bar in the upper right to see posts we’ve written about your gown’s designer, or just pop in “can’t afford it” to see all the CAI / GOI posts for inspiration. 

    And now for today’s post, to tackle reader Stefanie’s request:

    I recently came across your site and saw a number of blogs where you assisted other brides in finding a similar dress to one they love but cannot afford. I have found myself in the same predicament. I am absolutely IN LOVE with the Allure Couture style C243. It’s a beautiful vintage looking lace dress with a very slight a-line shape. I love the narrower skirt as I wanted something between a ballgown and mermaid/trumpet. Can you help me find something similar? I’d be forever grateful! Thank you!!

    You got it, Stefanie!

    Can't Afford It

    Allure Couture C243

    Allure Couture C243, $2,000+

    Get Over It

    Waterfall Sweetheart Lace Mermaid Beaded Wedding Gown by Tulle and Chantilly

    Waterfall Sweetheart Lace Mermaid Beaded Wedding Gown, $480 at Tulle and Chantilly

    Sweetheart A-Line Tulle and Lace Wedding Dress

    Sweetheart A-Line Tulle and Lace Wedding Dress, $900 at David’s Bridal

    La Femme Strapless Sweetheart Lace Column Gown

    La Femme Strapless Sweetheart Lace Column Gown, $398 at Neiman Marcus

    For Love and Matrimony Wedding Dress in White

    For Love and Matrimony Wedding Dress in White, $300 at ModCloth

    Allover Lace A-Line Strapless Wedding Dress

    Allover Lace A-Line Strapless Wedding Dress, $450 at David’s Bridal

    Market Gown by Stone Cold Fox

    Market Gown, $815 at Stone Cold Fox

    JS Collections Sleeveless Soutache Dress

    JS Collections Sleeveless Soutache Dress, $195 at Bloomingdales

    A-line All Over Beaded Corded Lace Wedding Dress

    A-line All Over Beaded Corded Lace Wedding Dress, $300 at David’s Bridal

    Tadashi Shoji Corded Tulle Strapless Gown

    Tadashi Shoji Corded Tulle Strapless Gown, $329 at Bloomingdales

    Beauty Beyond Words Wedding Dress in Ivory

    Beauty Beyond Words Wedding Dress in Ivory, $150 at ModCloth

    So Stefanie, what do you think of these lacy gowns with subtly flared skirts? Let us know if any of these wins you over! 

    Got a gown that you just can’t get off your mind? We’re happy to help you get over it! Just tell us in the comments below! Please remember to include the budget you’re working with so we can find you the best alternative for you. Please be aware, though, that because you guys love this column so much, we can often build up quite the queue and it may be a while before we can get to your dream dress. Rest assured, though, Team Broke-Ass is on the case!

    *As always, please do your own research before buying a gown online. Team Broke-Ass is here to provide you with inspiration and resources, but it is up to the consumer to know what they’re purchasing.
  • 9/21

    Danielle Invites 2

    As a DIY, oh-so-poor bride, I have always planned on making my own invitations. I have been fussing with designs, envelopes, and patterns for about two years solid. I even went through a phase where I planned on having an Etsy shop to give brides invitations on the cheap. Then I realized I have no artistic ability. Sadly, that’s kind of a prerequisite for being a…

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    It's kind of a no-brainer when it comes to saving money -- full open bars are a huge money sink. Not only are they expensive, but if you're DIYing the B-A-R, you have the impossible task of reading people's mind to figure out just how much gin, tequila and bourbon you need to have ready to serve up. In general, the fewer choices you have,…

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    Real Bride Heather: Bump in the road

    Remember when I found the perfect venue, knew it was a wicked awesome deal, but I was scared to pull the trigger and sign the contract? I was terrified to sign up for spending about $7,500 bucks in fear that something would happen and we would need that money for other things. Well, if there's one thing that I have learned in life, trust your gut!…

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  • 9/16

    Buffet line

    Credit: Lucky Photographer from Kate & Daniel's Real Wedding One of the decisions that can significantly impact your wedding budget is about how you'll serve your guests. This applies whether you're serving dinner, appetizers, cake and punch, breakfast-for-dinner or any other type of meal. So let's break down some of the options, shall we? Buffet Pros: This is typically a more cost effective option if you want to offer…

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    Modern Trousseau Sailor Gown

    Ahoy! Today's CAI/GOI request comes from reader Meredith, who commented on this post for some help finding a gown similar to Modern Trousseau's "Sailor." Meredith says: "I love everything about the the Modern Trousseau Sailor gown, the trumpet shape, the beautiful lace, but it is waaay out of my price range! Can you suggest any good alternatives in the $1,700 and under range?" I sure…

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    Etsy Echoroad Bridechilla T-Shirt

    Okay. So. We've been planning this shindig for like 14 months. That's a long time (haha, just kidding ... every bride-to-be know that shit flies by SO quickly). But in the real world, it really is a long time to plan one event. I cannot tell you how many individual decisions we've made, nor how many obstacles we've had to overcome. Russel and I are…

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  • 9/13

    DIY or DIE arbor decoration

    We love a good paper project, especially when that project can easily, beautifully and affordably replace a more expensive floral decoration. We're huge fans of paper flowers as a broke-ass decor option, but that's far from the only paper decoration option. For this project, made with the Cricut Explore Air machine for Cricut’s Wedding Campaign, “It’s Your Story, Make It Personal,” I found a beautiful lacy doily design…

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