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Hello Broke-Asses!  I’m super pumped that you’ll be following along with my journey to gettin’ hitched!

Let me introduce myself.  I’m Megan. I live in Charleston, S.C., with Timo, my fiance, and two rescue dogs (Phil the greyhound and Meri the podenco). I’m here because Timo asked me to marry him in December when we were at Disney World. As he expected (because I’d told him a few times in the 6-8 months prior), I said yes amongst the applause and “awwww”s of the crowd around us.  It was completely magical, all Disney pun intended.

MegMo ProposalA surprise magical proposal!

But here’s the backstory on that …

Timo and I met online. Yep, Plenty of Fish (POF), to be exact. From stories I’ve heard him tell, he’d been on the site for a few months and had went out with some ladies, as you do. For me, I’d been on the site for less than a month. If you’ve ever online dated, the game is a lot different for the women than the men for various reasons, but we won’t get into that. I’d just gotten out of a craptastic relationship and I started online dating mostly for blog fodder and free meals. I honestly didn’t think I’d meet my Mr. Perfect in the near future. I mean it’s online dating … how often does that actually happen? Yeah, that laughter you hear is exactly what Fate did when I thought that.

I had a list of criteria men had to meet before I’d bother. Lucky for me, Timo was 1) local, 2) had friends (per a photo he posted), 3) didn’t have his shirt off in any of his photos, 4) none of the photos were selfies in a bathroom, 5) actually filled out the write up part of the profile and 6) cute.  I sent him that “Hi :)” message and he was impressed that someone had reached out to him. He was also impressed that I had a write up on my POF profile with things he identified with and, most importantly, I rode a motorcycle.

Our first date was lunch at a bbq place followed by a motorcycle ride together to Angel Oak Tree. Two things:  1) I got food poisoning the evening before our first date, and 2) It started raining while we were riding. Nonetheless, we hit it off … but more so on the second date. First dates are always awkward but ya know what helps with that? Doing something together but not being able to talk to each other … like riding a motorcycle. We didn’t even have to awkwardly sit close to each other.

For me, Timo was funny and he laughed at my jokes and he grew up on Disney movies and he didn’t seem like he had any weird things I needed to be worried about. Oh yeah, and he’s German. At the time, he’d only been in the U.S. for a year and a half. After I got used to his accent (which I sadly don’t really hear anymore unless I’m paying attention on purpose), we had very few communication problems (which sometimes we still encounter a year and a half later but we just chalk it up to #languagebarrier).

It didn’t take long for either us to decide that we should be exclusive. I mean, we met on an online dating site, we didn’t make assumptions about each other but we both wanted to make our interest clear enough not to get hurt. Thankfully, Timo has always been willing to talk about issues with me, even if we’re both shy or scared of the discussion. Just a couple of weeks weeks after our first date, we agreed to completely cancel our POF accounts.

Megmo first selfieOur very first selfie … of an infinite amount. #notsorry

We’ve sailed along after that. There have been some pretty large decisions that we’ve made over the last year and a half (Timo officially decided to stay in Charleston for longer than his original three-year contract, we built and bought a house, we traveled to Germany so I could meet his people), but I feel like we handled those pretty well. In Timo, I’ve found the man who I want to share the rest of my life with.

So we’re caught up now. After we got back from Disney, we took two weeks to live in the love bubble. It was great. I miss it.

But people were starting to ask us questions … like when is the wedding? Where is the wedding? Am I invited to your wedding? Etc., etc., etc.

We didn’t have answers, which is totally not like us. We’re both type-A, planning, must-have-order people.  I warned Timo that once I started wedding planning, I was all in. I felt like he needed to be warned, just in case I went crazy. Spoiler alert: I only went a little crazy.

But back to the present. I’m here, here because I’m also a blogger and because I’m now planning a wedding! I like using my words and sharing my story. Often there is a high amount of entertainment involved, which makes it all the more interesting for my Gentle Readers (people who read my blog). I knew before I even started the wedding planning journey that I’d have a lot to say about it (I haven’t been wrong thus far). I’m here to share my adventure with other Broke-Ass Brides.

Tell me about yourself! Are you engaged? Are you married? How did you meet your person? What is one thing you think of when you think of Charleston, S.C.?

  • 1/23

    Hi BABs,

    I’ve noticed that there are a few common questions people ask you when you tell them that you are engaged. They consist of “ohmygosh! Let me see the ring!” “How did he propose?” “Do you have your dress yet?” “When’s the big day?” and finally, “where are you going to go for your honeymoon?”

    As much as I love talking about myself, and my wedding, the last question pains me. People, I love to travel. A lot. When I imagined my wedding, before I got engaged, where I never considered the scenario that one day of my life could easily cost the same as a mid-sized sedan, I imagined my honeymoon. I imagined I’d be honeymooning in an overwater bungalow in Bora Bora, in a treehouse in the rainforests of Brazil, or diving the the great barrier reef.

    Real Bride holly scuba diving

    Unfortunately, that’s not happening, I’ll revisit that possibility sometime around my 10th anniversary, maybe?

    So, since my original plan is out of the way, what do I do, besides wallowing in self-pity?


    Of course I can’t have I want. That’s okay. But I do want to take a trip with my love to commemorate the start of our marriage in some way or another. I could do a mini-moon somewhere local. Or, I could have a delayed honeymoon. Many of my friends who were married before me made the case for not going on a honeymoon immediately after their wedding. They said it was rather stressful planning a wedding and an international trip at the same time, not to mention had to book a huge chunk of time off work to do it. They considered that a gap in between the wedding and honeymoon may have been easier.

    Plus, I’m getting married in early September, when the weather is still lovely. If I’m going to jet away somewhere gorgeous and hot, I’d rather not miss out on the minuscule amount of Canadian summer/fall that is also gorgeous and hot. I’d rather skip out on snow, thanks very much! So, Ev and I will enjoy our wedding, and then phase back to the real world, only to extend the fun in our January or February where I suspect we will be needing it a lot more. Ideally, we will also have recovered a teensy bit financially. You can bet I’ll still be telling everyone we “just got married!” and taking my free drinks!

    Are you taking your honeymoon right away or are you going to delay it a bit?

  • 1/20


    If the new year brought you a new big step in your relationship, congratulations! We're so happy to have you! As you jump into the world of wedding planning, know that it's totally normal and very much ok to be feeling a little ... overwhelmed about where to start, to say the least. If your head is feeling like a giant cloud full of tulle…

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  • 1/13

    Tulum Ruins Coastline

    I don’t know about y’all, but I’m NOT a fan of the cold weather. Like, at all. Give me all the 70-degree temperatures and sunny days — AKA: margarita weather. That’s why, after Thanksgiving, my galpals and partner decided to escape the cold Texas rain and head to warmer weather. Destination: Tulum. You guys, BEST IDEA EVER. While our friends and family were teeth-chattering through…

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    Fig Dress from BHLDN

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    I mentioned a while ago that we planned to use fake flowers when it came time for bouquets, bouts, corsages and decor. So that's what we did. Other than my bouquet, every other piece of flowery goodness was made with artificial flowers, and we were insanely happy with how they all turned out. We had two separate seating areas since dinner was outdoors, and dancing…

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  • 1/9


    As I mentioned in my first post, I've planned to make my own wedding cake. I realize this is not an easy undertaking, and have been warned by multiple friends that this could add additional stress to my wedding day. DIYing is awesome, but making a cake is something you have to do basically the day before and can end in multiple disasters. However, I…

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