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Affiliate Disclaimer NewA few months ago, we had received some invitation samples from Minted and fell in love with their Delicate Dots design. I loved the extra elegance foil adds, and since we have a relatively short guest list, we decided to splurge on the invitations a little.

We were finally able to get our order in this past weekend, and I can’t wait to receive them! My plan is to get burgundy paper or ribbon to use as bands, wrap some of the same jute string around them as I used for our Save the Dates, then use a wax seal to hold the string in place. We’ll see how DIY I’m feeling, given my overly ambitious Save the Date fiasco. They turned out great, I just spent way more time and effort on them than I had intended.


What’s perfect about this design is the kraft paper pulls in some rustic elements, the gold and lowercase type font feels a little vintage, and the modern calligraphy and gold brings out the industrial elements. I don’t think that you could say our wedding is rustic, or vintage, or industrial — it’s very much a mix of our favorite elements of each. These are a perfect indication of what guests can expect at our wedding, and I love that!

Do you feel like your invitations were a good representation of what guests can expect from your wedding?

  • 6/27

    Since my wedding is a year away, I have not actively started the DIYing that I plan to do. I have also experienced my fair share of being totally non-committal in choosing our wedding venue. While on vacation, we found one, and it is gorgeous. It’s n an island in Georgia, overlooking my favorite thing on Earth: the ocean. The ceremony will take place under a 500-year-old live oak tree referred to by the locals as “the tree of love.” I found a great deal. They have my name penciled in for the date, and I have the contract for us to sign and return (with payment) within two weeks in order confirm the booking.

    Real bride heather_post

    My fiance has been seemingly excited, and I am, too about being his wife. While I know how much weddings can cost, and I know that the price that I have managed to work for this one day is amazing, I have been literally sick with anxiety about the costs we are incurring for literally four hours. I found ways to slash the costs by eliminating florists, making my own centerpieces, bouquets, boutonnieres, getting a cake from Publix, etc.

    But that contract, unsigned, in my inbox is giving me night terrors. I want a day with him to celebrate us becoming husband and wife. I want to wear the dress and have our family and close friends there, I want us to celebrate the absolutely rock solid relationship that we have built. None of the second thoughts that I am about to share with all of the Interwebs have a single thing to do with being married. It has solely to do with feeling like we are wasting money on one day, when our daily lives would be so much less worrisome with that $7,500 dollars sitting in an emergency fund, or a Roth IRA.

    Here are the ways that I wish I was more of a girl who could be frivolous:

    Instead of the value in the ocean breeze and sunset creating the ultimate backdrop for amazing memories: I see that if my daughter fell and broke her arm, we would have the deductible money.

    Instead of seeing the cake with our adorable, carefully chosen, and most likely, nerdy topper: I see an unexpected car repair bill that could be easily covered by money in our savings account.

    My mind is reeling with all of these other uses for the money he and I work so very hard to earn. I want all of these elaborate wedding things, but in the end, do we need them?

    I guess one downfall of growing up kind of poor, being a single mother in the great recession (where I at some points had three part-time jobs because full time work was just not out there), is that its very hard for me to spend money. So last night, I said something. We talked. For a long time. Turns out, he feels the same way and never mentioned it because he thought that by going along with it, he was making me happy.

    So, here’s what we decided. We are not doing it that way. We are going to figure out something else. He and I will use the money to improve our every day lives, not one day of our life. We are going to keep the same day that we chose and figure out something that will be laidback and far less money. In the end, all that matters to him and to me, is that he is my husband, and I am his wife.

  • 6/24

    Oleg Cassini Cap Sleeve Illusion Wedding Dress from David's Bridal

    As a special treat this month, we’re partnering with David’s Bridal to bring you four special edition Can’t Afford It? Get Over It! posts (catch the first three here, here and here), featuring their very own gorgeous styles. David’s Bridal, a name synonymous with affordable wedding gowns in a huge variety of styles, has been dressing women for all types of special occasions for over 60 years —…

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    Monique Lhuillier L'Amour

    We've got lots of CAI/GOI requests in our queue these days thanks to you, our lovely readers! We're pretty excited about that, but keep in mind, your requests may take a bit of time to get to as we add them to our calendar. Nevertheless, keep those requests coming! We are here to help. Reader Jennifer is getting married at the end of summer and…

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    alternative guest book

    “Is that too weird?” Every time I hear the question I just want to reach over, squeeze the person’s hand and smile. In a word, nope. Listen closely here, friends: Weddings are all about celebrating who you are as a couple and we all have little things about our relationship that are weird. Some couples hurl insults at each other that just turn out to…

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  • 6/22


    Disclaimer: A very easy way to save money = skip save the dates. I know this. Social media makes it super easy to spread the word of your wedding date and location, and wedding websites are an amazing way to keep people informed. As a Broke-Ass, I was obviously looking for ways to cut costs, so we did consider forgoing a save the date. But because we…

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    AdnilCreations Mr & Mrs Wall Decal

    Wall decals available from Etsy seller AdnilCreations It's been seven months since I got married. I think it's time (or maybe time again) I take a moment to step away from the discussion of my perfect and beautiful wedding day and instead talk about what really brings us together today: Mawwiage (or Marriage if you aren't playing a medieval priest during the '80s). Obviously seven months…

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    Catering Your Own Wedding Do It on the Cheap with Sam's Club

    Original photo: Shaina Sheaff Photography So you've decided to tackle the wedding food on your own (or a very gracious friend with mad skillz has stepped up to the plate). Go you! It's a great way to save some money and add a very personalized touch ... but it can be a helluva task. Timing, preparation, serving and not to mention cost ... the biggest cost,…

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  • 6/20

    Etsy MyLittleShopofWonder Thanks for Holding My Dress Card

    Card available from Etsy seller MyLittleShopofWonder Although I'm not having a formal bridal party, or a formal wedding, I still have some great friends that are helping me celebrate. Some of my closest friends have come together to throw a shower for me. Sometimes it seems weddings become an exchange of gifts: Your bridesmaids do something for you, you buy them gifts. You feed your…

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