5/16 {Can’t Afford It/Get Over It} BHLDN Decor edition!

Our friend Lindsay wrote the following post on her own (awesome) site, Woman Getting Married… but she shared it with me and I asked if we could respost here, since it fits in so well with Britt’s genius Can’t Afford It/Get Over It series/brainchild! I’m with Lindsay. I love love love the Anthropolgie crack as much as the next style addict out there, and rock a few choice pieces I scored on deep discount or genuinely felt were worth the splurge… but only very rarely can I justify a full-price purchase there. If you can, and enjoy it… then have at it and more power to ya! But if you are more like me, gazing longingly through the windows more often than shopping behind them… this special guest CAI/GOI is for you!

If you’re anything like me, you don’t even think of shopping in stores like Anthropologie unless they’re having a sale. Yes, I adore A LOT of their clothes and home goods…but things are PRICE-AY.

BHLDN, the online wedding boutique which is part of the Anthropologie family, is no different. In addition to their bridal gowns, accessories, and bridesmaids dresses, they recently unveiled a party/wedding decor line that includes tabletop, favors, lighting, and other decorations. While they are all certainly super cute, a lot of their prices leave me a little dumbfounded. You want $300 for wha?

When it comes to wedding decor on a budget, buying full-priced items in bulk is just not an option. It’s one thing to justify spending $100 on a pitcher when it’s for your house and you only need one. But when you need 12 for all your reception tables? Not gonna happen.

While there are one or two items from BHLDN that are in my budget wheelhouse (they still have my terracotta vases for a steal!), as a whole I think they are overpriced. I decided to go through their new decor line and see if I couldn’t find similar items for less. Check out what I found, below.

BHLDN Top Hat Muslin Favor Bags

Set of 10



Key Muslin Drawstring Bags

Set of 10


BHLDN Le Petit Cupcake Stools

Set of 6



Modern Lola Sweet Stands

Set of 6


BHLDN Papered Poms

Set of 12



Martha Stewart Crafts Pom Poms

Set of 8


BHLDN Rosy Cheeked Coupes

Set of 2



Venetian champagne glasses

Set of 4


BHLDN Spiraled Shoppe Straws

Set of 25



Retro Barber Stripe Straws

Set of 144


BHLDN Antoinette Treat Pedestal

For one tall pedestal…


SAME LOOK FOR LESS (this isn’t as vintage-y, but you can pull off the same look with the right table accessories)…

Save-On-Crafts Glass Dessert Pedestal with Lid

For one tall pedestal…


-Lindsay, Woman Getting Married

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  • I think the thing that bothers me most about the BHLDN line (besides the name; bring back the vowels!) is that it is incredibly pricey versions of the DIY-chic crafts that blogger brides have been doing for years now in order to keep their wedding costs down. Oriental Trading, Save-on-Crafts and Etsy have been our craft-supply go-to places for this wedding (drawstring bags from Oriental Trading; stamp made by Etsy; rafia from Save-on-Crafts; 2 hours of my time; Tada!).

  • Shanelle

    Bless you for posting this! That dessert pedestal is exactly what I have been looking for and it totally fits into our (tiny) budget. YES!

  • This is a GREAT! I love look-for-less type posts 🙂

  • kaleigh

    <3 you for this post. Anthro and BHLDN make me swoon but I am on a budget!!

  • I love the "Can't afford it/Get over it" idea. I guess high quality is not necessary for little wedding stuff. You've got excellent alternative finds here. Very practical. 🙂


  • I LOVE this post!!! BHLDN is so incredibly overpriced with their new wedding decor line, and I'm so glad someone finally showed just how easy it is to get their items for less! <3 This is one of the many reasons why I love this blog! Keep it up!

  • K L

    Oh how I've drooled over this dress myself. These are great recommendations!

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