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Hi BABs,

I’ve noticed that there are a few common questions people ask you when you tell them that you are engaged. They consist of “ohmygosh! Let me see the ring!” “How did he propose?” “Do you have your dress yet?” “When’s the big day?” and finally, “where are you going to go for your honeymoon?”

As much as I love talking about myself, and my wedding, the last question pains me. People, I love to travel. A lot. When I imagined my wedding, before I got engaged, where I never considered the scenario that one day of my life could easily cost the same as a mid-sized sedan, I imagined my honeymoon. I imagined I’d be honeymooning in an overwater bungalow in Bora Bora, in a treehouse in the rainforests of Brazil, or diving the the great barrier reef.

Real Bride holly scuba diving

Unfortunately, that’s not happening, I’ll revisit that possibility sometime around my 10th anniversary, maybe?

So, since my original plan is out of the way, what do I do, besides wallowing in self-pity?


Of course I can’t have I want. That’s okay. But I do want to take a trip with my love to commemorate the start of our marriage in some way or another. I could do a mini-moon somewhere local. Or, I could have a delayed honeymoon. Many of my friends who were married before me made the case for not going on a honeymoon immediately after their wedding. They said it was rather stressful planning a wedding and an international trip at the same time, not to mention had to book a huge chunk of time off work to do it. They considered that a gap in between the wedding and honeymoon may have been easier.

Plus, I’m getting married in early September, when the weather is still lovely. If I’m going to jet away somewhere gorgeous and hot, I’d rather not miss out on the minuscule amount of Canadian summer/fall that is also gorgeous and hot. I’d rather skip out on snow, thanks very much! So, Ev and I will enjoy our wedding, and then phase back to the real world, only to extend the fun in our January or February where I suspect we will be needing it a lot more. Ideally, we will also have recovered a teensy bit financially. You can bet I’ll still be telling everyone we “just got married!” and taking my free drinks!

Are you taking your honeymoon right away or are you going to delay it a bit?

  • 1/9

    Affiliate Disclaimer New

    As I mentioned in my first post, I’ve planned to make my own wedding cake. I realize this is not an easy undertaking, and have been warned by multiple friends that this could add additional stress to my wedding day. DIYing is awesome, but making a cake is something you have to do basically the day before and can end in multiple disasters. However, I am a huge baking geek. I love coming up with new and exciting recipes. For me, baking is my “thing.” It’s my creative outlet. It relaxes me, so hopefully that will offset the additional stress. For me to make something beautiful and unique all on my own for my wedding day, something I can share with my husband and my closest loved ones … it’s just very meaningful.

    While my self-taught cake decorating skills are still a work in progress, I feel like by then I might be able to make something pretty damn good. My freehand buttercream isn’t too bad, as seen below in last year’s Easter cake:

    Holly's DIY easter cake

    And my creativity and punniness is on point, as seen in Evan’s last birthday cake (if you can’t tell, it’s supposed to be shaped like a pint):

    Holly's DIY birthday cake for her fiance

    I know it’s not on par with something a professional would do … yet. So, I did what any grown-ass woman would do with a goal: I took a class!

    Here’s the Disney-princess themed cupcakes I made after my first class (with fondant):

    Holly's disney princess cupcakes

    Not bad, right?

    Since then, I’ve been practicing and watching online tutorials as well and have invested in some good quality tools and gear such as a cake turntable. My plan will be to bake the layers a few days before the wedding, freeze them and then do the assembling and baking on-site the day before. I won’t put pressure on myself to do anything too crazy extravagant, but something I can be proud of. Plus, my fiance has eaten every baking success and disaster that has happened so far in our relationship and no matter how badly I fail, he insists it still tastes good. So long we can still shove it in each other’s mouths, I’m happy.

  • 12/19

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    Well, BABs, we thought we had it all figured out. We found a venue that was cheap, and beautiful, and agreed to allow us to supply our own alcohol without adding corkage. We were pretty happy. The venue had just contracted a local Italian restaurant to provide catering. We contacted the manager to set up a time to meet, and she was lovely. We told…

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    Credit: Persimmon Images Hello BABs! This week I would like to talk about my experience dress shopping. I like to think that I experienced my first investigation into the world of wedding dress shopping kind of like the five stages of grief: Denial: “I’m sure that I can find a pretty wedding dress that will make me feel like a beautiful princess for not that…

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    I want to talk a little about our broke-ass approach to our engagement. Ever since I saw the movie "Blood Diamond" in 2006, I decided that I wanted an engagement ring with an ethically sourced stone. Mind you, i was 19 and single at the time, so my thought process pretty much stopped there. Flash forward nine years, Evan and I had been living together for…

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    Hello everyone! My name is Holly, and I am a Broke-Ass Bride. I guess it's important that before we get going on the creativeness and the snarkiness, you get to know the woman behind it. I'm in my late 20s, I'm a graduate student and I live in a large city in Canada with my fiance and my our dog. I love cooking, baking, yoga,…

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