1/25 An iPhone 4 Wedding Video? Why yes!

Check out this brilliantly simple and lovely wedding video shot ENTIRELY on iphone 4 – no fancy tricks, filters, staging or color correction. Just good eyes, good editing, and good good lovin’.

I am a HUGE advocate for the wedding video, but I know its often one of the first items to get chopped by the broke-ass couple. This, my wee friends, makes it so no one ever has to miss out on the treat of reliving your vows, the toasts, or your first dance – over and over throughout the years. Just have a few trusty friends shoot from different angles throughout the day, collect their footage, and edit away! This one was shot on only one phone, believe it or not. It can be done!!!

Big thanks to BridePop for bringing this to my attention, and to Monachetti for having the creative stones to try this out in the first place.

The Broke-Ass Bride
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  • what?! no way! amazing!

  • Candice

    That was amazing!!!

  • what song is this put to? it is beautiful…

  • I loved it…………………….

  • Amy

    never thought of this, great idea!

  • we did something similar – a homemade video with our flip camera!

    here's a link http://stanleymakes3.blogspot.com/2010/12/homemad

  • awesome!

  • annie-blake

    omg so awesome…who would have thought the iphone 4 would make for a beautiful wedding video…fantastic idea!!!

  • Lynda

    The name of the song is I've God Ideas by Amy Seeley. I agree…AWESOME!

  • Oh my gosh that is really beautiful!

    Those are awesome cameraphone skills.

  • mysanfranciscobudgetwedding

    I had planned on having family members hold our iPhones for the ceremony, but I didn't think about the getting ready part, too. This video confirms my intent. Thanks.

  • Chills, Dana. I've got CHILLS over how good this video is, and on an iphone!!!!! Amazing. What an awesome find.

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  • Awesome. It seemed to capture the essence of their day – love – not to mention happiness and togetherness. Just awesome.

  • Kat

    They even have an iPhone steadicam now! It's pretty rad 😀

  • GirlNamedCorrie

    Wow! My fiance and I met thru an iPhone game (we are both gaming dorks!). I feel like this would be a totally awesome idea to include at our wedding!!!