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I’m so excited to report that things have gotten much better since my last post. The biggest and best news is that we set a date! We were getting very frustrated over the decision, which was really hard at a time of year when we’re both very busy anyway. I was even having stress dreams over it, and it is *WAY* too early in the planning process for that nonsense! We found out that the couple at the venue we wanted had confirmed their booking for 10/24, and my little sister informed us that she wouldn’t be able to attend on 10/31 either. Fed up, I made two mood boards, one for 11/7/15 and one for 10/10/15, and told Andrew to decide. He chose 10/10, and now the contract is dropped off and the deposit is paid (thanks to a lovely gift from his parents). What a load off!

Of course, 10/10 isn’t Halloween, but since our decorations are up well before October 1st every year, we’re usually deep into the spirit and we have no issues incorporating it into our wedding. We feel like it’s a win all around — we get Halloween inspired decor, no one expects to be in costume, no one has a trick-or-treat issues and all the must-have people can attend.

We decided with very little time to spare, too. Now, in addition to looking at things from the awesome post Christen made me, I get to shop Halloween clearance this weekend! Saturday will be the biggest day, because a lot of stores drop prices right away on 11/1. I’ll also be checking in throughout the week for items that are just on the Nice To Have list to get deep discounts. Here are my top 3 wants:

3. Non-Orange Pumpkins


Our colors will be a range of purples, grays, black and ivory. No orange allowed! But we still want to incorporate pumpkins. I will be looking for some like this one from Target to include. We will also probably get some real white pumpkins next year. {Psst! Katie! Check out these silver pumpkins – Eds.}

 2. Spiderweb Table Accents


Maybe not this one specifically, but lacy spiderweb table runners seem like the perfect accent for a Hallowedding table! These are also usually super reasonable, so it’s a great little decor boost with minimal budget impact.

1. Crow Lanterns


These lanterns are my number one goal for the whole trip. The orange backing is removable, so I plan to replace it with purple and have the bridesmaids carry these down the aisle instead of traditional bouquets (though I will probably have the florist embellish them a little bit). I’m a little worried because the closest Target to me is already sold out, but one of the great things about living in the city where Target is headquartered is that we’re even more saturated than everywhere else! I’ll search the whole metro if I have to!

What’s on your Halloween shopping list?

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