Hello, fellow BABs!

My name is Katie and I’m absolutely THRILLED to be joining you as a Real Bride contributor. It’s amazing to have the opportunity to share all the ups and downs and round-and-rounds of this process with other people who understand — because let’s face it, sometimes people in our regular lives just don’t want to hear wedding talk anymore! Sometimes *we* don’t even want to hear wedding talk anymore, even when it’s coming out of our own mouths (or keyboards). I’m hoping that by sharing with all of you, we can help each other create beautiful weddings judged by whatever standard we want on whatever budget we have.


Post engagement photo at the apple orchard. Taken by friends.

Let me start by telling you a little bit about myself. I’m 28, and I live in the suburbs of St. Paul, Minn. My fiance’s name is Andy, and we are currently thinking about getting married on Halloween, 10/31/15, though the rest of late October is up for debate as well. Our budget is somewhere in the ballpark of $10,000 for 125-150 guests. I’m a second-time bride, but this is my fiance’s first (and hopefully only!) wedding. I got married at 21 to someone who was perfectly nice, but with whom I was not at all compatible, largely due to self esteem issues. This time, I’m marrying the right person for the right reasons. I anticipate some judgment from family and friends and the world at large, so we’ll work through that together. Unlike some second-time brides, the decision about whether to have a big, semi-traditional wedding was a fairly easy one. It’s important to my fiance, and so it’s important to me — ‘nough said.

There is an advantage to being a second-time bride, and it is that I know who I am and I know what I want. Some of you rock stars will get that part right on the first try, and I’m hoping maybe I can contribute in some small way to making that happen. The first time around, I caved to a lot of pressure from family and from the big bad Wedding Industrial Complex. This time, I know what matters to us and what doesn’t, and I know how to stand up for us if necessary.

You can expect posts from me about:

  • DIY
  • Deal shopping (helloooooo November 1st clearance racks!),
  • Ceremony planning,
  • Plus-size fashions, fears and breakthroughs
  • Cutting through pretty princess propaganda without sacrificing the parts of it you love.

Stay tuned!

Katie is a Real Bride Contributor for The Broke-Ass Bride. She is also a lawyer, an actor, a creep, a burlesque performer, a stage manager, and a writer - and that's just the things she gets paid for! In the rare moments that she is off the clock, she enjoys reading, TV both trashy and legit, movies, and hanging out with her fiance, two cats, Pip and Muffin, and a rescued German Shepherd named Spark.
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