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Hi there!

I’m Jubilance and I’m absolutely delighted to join the BAB community as a Real Bride contributor! I’ve been a reader since before I was officially engaged (shh, don’t tell!) and I love all the great tips and ideas I’ve gained. I’m very excited to get a chance to share with everyone the excitement and drama of planning our wedding.

I’m 32 and I live in Minneapolis with my fiancé, Will. Our relationship began on the most unexpected of places – Twitter! We connected through mutual friends and we slowly transitioned from Twitter to email to phone calls and Skype dates. We met in person in D.C. about a year after we first “met” on Twitter, and two months after that, we made our relationship official. Will and I maintained a long distance relationship, with him in D.C. and me in Minneapolis for almost a year. We decided to move Will to Minneapolis and had an awesome moving road trip from D.C. to Minneapolis. Two days after the big move, Will sent me on a scavenger hunt, which ended with him proposing in Loring Park.

Since getting engaged, we’ve decided on the big stuff – the date, the venue and the theme. Will is a mathematician and I’m a chemist, so we decided to get married on Pi Day, 3/14/15. With two nerds getting married on the nerdiest day of the year, how could we not go with a nerd theme for our wedding? We’re planning to celebrate our nerdy love with 100-125 guests, and we have a budget of $15,000. This is a first wedding for both of us, and we’re excited to have this experience together. Will is very involved in the planning, and we’re both pretty decisive people, which is making the entire process a bit easier than we expected.

Over the next 6 months you can expect posts from me on a variety of topics: ways to DIY; strategies for incorporating your traditions/hobbies into your wedding; being a plus-size bride; and being a bride of color.

Looking forward to sharing with you all!


Jubilance is a former mad scientist, First Lady of the #ThickAndNerdy and bride-in-training living in Minneapolis. She has a wealth of random useless knowledge which she loves to show off during trivia nights at her local bar. She's also an avid knitter, but please don't ask her to make you anything - it once took her a year to finish a simple scarf. Besides freaking out about her wedding, Jubilance can be found gallivanting across the Twin Cities as the leader of a Meetup group for Black professionals. She writes about her random adventures on Black Girl Unlost, and rants on Twitter (@Jubilance1922)
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