Guys, let’s talk paper. I know, we talk paper a lot. But we’re usually talking paper that’s already designed and mass-manufactured, which is great for those who are not putting huge stock (get it? Card stock? Heh.) into their stationery.

But what about those of us who yearn for the luxurious life of custom-designed letterpress invitations?

Well, darlings, let me introduce you to Letterpress Printables. Y’all can become fast friends. Because this girl gets it.

Letterpress Printables Brings You Gorgeous Invitations on a Broke-Ass Budget.jpg

Here’s what Kristen (great name, right?) has to say about how this whole party started:

In 2007, when planning my own wedding, details came together pretty quickly. Destination wedding? Yes please! Wedding gown? Third one I tried on! Invitations? $1300! Wait …WHAT?

So I searched … and searched and eventually wound up designing my own invitations and working directly with a letterpress printer for the “low” price of $700.

I thought, there HAS to be a better way.

Letterpress Printables Brings You Gorgeous Invitations on a Broke-Ass Budget

For years I worked as a print and packaging buyer for Fortune 500 companies. I knew how to work with printers, I knew how to find a good price. I knew that I could combine my love for letterpress and my skills as a print buyer to provide letterpressed stationery that was affordable. Seven years, two states and two children later, Letterpress Printables was born.

OK, so homegirl obv. knows where us broke-asses are coming from: You love the look and feel, but the price makes you cringe. So Letterpress Printables bridges that gap by bringing you the luxurious cotton, complete with the design element of your choice, and leaves the rest up to you.

Letterpress Printables Brings You Gorgeous Invitations on a Broke-Ass Budget

So you get gorgeous blank cards with a hot chevron stripe or gorgeous peonies adorning the sides, and then you knock out the wording and other details with a glass of wine in hand and hit print. Simple, right? And you get a helluva lot of control over how it looks and reads, which is awesome.

Letterpress Printables Brings You Gorgeous Invitations on a Broke-Ass Budget

Credit: U Me Us Studios

And at $38.99 for a pack of 20 invitations, you’re saving some serious skrilla. And don’t we all like that?

Head on over to Letterpress Printables to check out all her options!

BONUS: Kristen is gonna hang out with us from time to time for some awesome DIY or DIE action on how to do your invites at home. 

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