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Flowers. I like ‘em. They sure look and smell pretty. I didn’t have them at my first wedding. But the logistics of that (budget, especially) were kind of a nightmare. I know a lot of BABs tend to opt out, or opt for less, due to budget constraints. And to that end, florists tend to be out of a broke-ass’s price range while DIY takes up too much time to make it worthwhile.

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Which is why, when I found out about Bloominous, I shrieked in broke-ass delight! Here was an opportunity to not only try my  hand at DIY, but try my brown thumb-riddled hand at floral DIY. I mean, I — me — this girl right here who once killed a cactus (true story) could actually work with flowers, making them pretty and arranged … and I wouldn’t even have to worry about the long-term care! Bloominous has an in-house florist in charge of curating the directions and designing the overall aesthetic.

Of the four collections, the Bohemian Desert spoke to me the most (color!!!). I made my pick, and sat back and relaxed. A couple days later, a large box arrived on my doorstep and I got prepared (read: beer) to get my hands dirty. But, since the flowers come cut-to-order, trimmed and de-thorned, there wasn’t really much dirty to get.


The first step is to get a big ol’ bucket — or similar vessel (I used a trash can) — of water and dump some flower food in there. Then you cut the stems and make sure there are no leaves that might get drowned when you let the flowers rehydrate (4-12 hours, the longer, the better). I let mine sit overnight so they could drink up all the waters!

Just draining in the sink, like a BOSS.

Just draining in the sink, like a BOSS.

Once the flowers are all boozy from libation, organize and lay out the stems in front of you, based on which project you’re going to tackle first. Lucky for people like me who are pretty flora-dumb, there are great photos and illustrations to go along with each stem and step.


Metro Kitty judges my DIY skillz.

Arrange the bouquet, centerpiece or boutonnière based on the instructions. I mean, it’s really easy at this point. The Bohemian Desert collection features a succulent that has to be stuck with pins and wrapped with floral tape to attach it to a dowel and then shoved in the bouquet, which was the most complicated part for my clumsy little hobbit hands. And even that was easy. Of course being the picky, indecisive Libra I am, I rearranged the bouquet and centerpiece about 30 times until I was satisfied that there was balance.

bouquet table.jpg

I didn’t trim the stems because, well, I’m lazy. I call this look “lazy chic.”

I love that the bouquet came with the pearl-topped pins, which always remind me of buttons on the back of a wedding dress and harken to a v. special wedding-y kind of elegance. I was also impressed with the vessel for the centerpiece, as it was a simple black plastic vase, but was dipped or painted in gold for an added oomph. Because, you guys, it’s in the details!


All the color! And I did it mah-self!

Here’s the thing, you guys. This whole process was simple enough that I’m tempted to order a centerpiece once every couple of months just to have in my house. I know, for a fact, that my next wedding (not that I have a ring … yet) will be using something by Bloominous. The customer service was phenomenal and it actually gave me a sense of confidence in a DIY area that was hugely overwhelming for me. Plus, a little birdie told me that they’ll be adding two new collections soon … and those may just have to adorn various surfaces in my casa! And since you avoid the whole 300% markup deal that comes with using a florist, it’s super budget-friendly ($5 boutonnières, $40 centerpieces, $50 bouquets).

PSSSTT: Stay tuned between now and May for a special deals and news from Bloominous!


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