Out of all of the symbology involved in weddings, perhaps nothing is more deeply symbolic than the exchange of wedding bands. Wedding bands are a daily reminder of your love and commitment to one another, a circle without beginning or end, made of precious materials just as you are precious to one another.  Vena Amoris is a Latin name, meaning literally “Vein of Love”, derived from the ancient belief that a vein runs directly from your heart to the fourth finger on your left hand, hence the placement of wedding bands on that particular finger. While this belief is a fallacy, the tradition remains, and we’re glad, because it means you can gaze at your gorgeous handcrafted rings from Vena Amoris Jewelry all day long for the rest of your lives.

Vena Amoris makes their bespoke work based on a love of pieces from a long ago era; Middle Age and Renaissance religious art and most of all Mideast and Mediterranean jewelry. Each piece is individually handcrafted, starting from the alloying of the metal to the fabrication of the pieces. Vena Amoris works mostly with sapphires and diamonds, and they make a conscious choice for most of the center diamonds they use based on their unique qualities–just like a relationship, it carries its darkness and light within it, and when taken as a whole, shows the dynamic beauty of its inherent qualities, creating something wholly unique to you and your partner.

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