Queen Latifah was one of the keynote speakers at this year’s BlogHer conference, and she basically blew me away. As you probably know by now, she has a fabulous new talk show, fittingly titled, “The Queen Latifah Show”. So when her editorial team reached out to BAB to see if we would be interested in contributing to her website, QueenLatifah.com, the answer was obviously “DUH”. (Thankfully, I was a little more eloquent in my actual response.)

The Queen’s team requested we write up a little something about finances and relationships – or more to the point, how $$$ can completely destroy your marriage, and how to prevent that from happening. If you can’t tell, the couple in the picture above are arguing over a bill. You probably could tell though, because it’s an all too familiar scenario. Here’s a little taste of my piece…

“Finances (or the fighting over finances) can completely destroy a relationship. Whether it’s a matter of earning, spending, lending, or throwing money at a massive personal debt, money can break down a marriage faster than you can say divorce court. Over at my blog The Broke-Ass Bride, money is obviously a huge issue for our readers. The average American wedding costs around $25,000. When a freshly engaged gal sees those sort of eye-popping figures, it tends to knock some of the shine off the whole engagement experience. That’s where I come in – I’m all about creating a memorable, beautiful wedding experience on the cheap!

But financial woes aren’t just for brides-to-be. If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of having the BIG finances discussion with your beloved (or it needs some dusting off), here are a few hot tips to get the party started.

1. Be completely transparent. 
If you haven’t shared info about all your debt with your partner, do so now. Student loans, personal loans, lawsuits, active credit card debt, or old credit card write-offs – it should all be on the table. Be honest about your situation; hiding things will only cause problems later on down the line. (Regardless of what you disclose to each other, the guy who pulls your credit report can see ALL! And will have no qualms about discussing it openly!) Discuss your habits, and form a long-term plan of action. Are you current on your debts? Do you pay your bills regularly? If not, what has prevented you from doing so? How will joining (or not joining) your finances be beneficial to your situation and your partner’s situation? Which bills will you pay off together, and which will you attend to separately? (That’s a big one.)”

You can read the rest on QueenLatifah.com!

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