Friends, I know I’ve been away a long time… but I’m climbing out from under my “I had to write a wedding book while going through a divorce” rock and am super back in action! The book is nearly complete… we’re in the final illustration stage before it goes to print and releases this December. It’s been a year since everything in my life turned upside down and inside out, and holy crap there’s a lot to tell. But I wanted to start by saying “I MISSED Y’ALL!”

Oh my god, I’ve missed you. I’ve missed the blog world so much. As much as I love the literary world, everything takes forever there! Blogging has such an immediacy and instant gratification that I sorely missed, and connecting with you is the icing on the cake! So, I’m back. Writing here on BAB, and also starting another project that I can’t wait to share with you very soon!

So much has changed since I last wrote here frequently, and I can’t wait to catch you up on everything. But the gist of it is:

I’m still Dana. The girl who started this blog when I was engaged to be married.

My marriage didn’t work out.

Divorce is a bitch. But if done for the right reasons, (and mine was), it’s worth all the heartache and headaches.

I got really depressed and unhealthy and gained a bunch of weight and felt like shit for a long time.

Then I got help. Lots of help.

And I got better. Slowly but surely.

And healthier. And stronger. And happier.

I moved 5 times in the past year.

I grew up a lot, really fast.

And then I met someone special. And I gave it a chance.

And fell in love again.

And now we’re living together on the west side of town with our 5-month old rescue puppy, Watson.

And for 2 weeks every month, Paco the dog comes to stay with us too.

AND… while all this was happening, I wrote a whole book, which comes out this December through Penguin Random House/PotterStyle!

Phew. It’s been quite a year :)

And I couldn’t have done any of it without the bad-ass girls of Team Broke-Ass holding down the fort for 99% of the time. So, thank you Emz, Christen, Mellz, and Liz! I couldn’t ask for a better crew!

So stay tuned – I’ll be back soon! I’ve got so many goodies to share, you guys. SO MANY GOODIES.



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