When we started talking about our Honeymoon, Mr. Officer told me we should go to an all-inclusive resort…….because that’s what people do on their Honeymoon. I went to an all-inclusive in Mexico with a few girlfriends a while back though, and I wasn’t sold. I’ll just say that the trip involved a tropical storm, a moldy room, some lost luggage and a terrible staff production of Cats. Also, now seems like a good time to mention that Mr. Officer and I tend to burn to a crisp each time we step into the sun. Needless to say, we quickly realized that a Caribbean vacation was not in the cards for us.

So that left us with a few options.

Option 1. Cruise

We’ve done this vacation in the past and it’s always tons of fun. The cruise lines are constantly running specials that make it a VERY affordable option and Norwegian Cruise Line leaves straight from NYC, saving us money on airfare. We also love the multiple dining options on Norwegian, because it makes us feel less like we’re “stuck” onboard. It costs extra to eat in the onboard restaurants (i.e. $10 – $25 per person), but the cost of the room is affordable enough to make the extras seem reasonable.

Mr. Officer enjoying a beer on the Norwegian Jewel


Katie getting ready to dig into the chocolate fondue at the French Restaurant…oooh la la!

Option 2. Cabin in the Great Smoky Mountains

My sister rented a cabin with her family and some friends a few years ago, and I’ve wanted to do this vacation ever since she told me about it. I love the idea of sipping wine in a jacuzzi while overlooking the mountains, and I’m also pretty taken with the cheesiness of DollyWood. Seriously, how many people can say that they went to the Dixie Stampede, Cooter’s Place in the Smokies AND a moonshine distillery on their honeymoon?! Mr. Officer voted this down as a honeymoon option, but I maintain that this vacation still needs to happen at some point.

Check out that view! Photo via Gatlinburg Chamber of Commerce

Option 3. Rent a beach house

I grew up going to the Jersey Shore (cabs are here!), and I absolutely love Ocean City, NJ. The beach is great, the boardwalk is loads of fun, and our travel time from New York would be super short. The only problem is that Ocean City is definitely more of a family vacation and I think Mr. Officer and I might get a little bit bored by ourselves. We both golf, so I’ve been wanting to branch out and try Hilton Head, Myrtle Beach or Duck; although again, that seems like more of a trip to do with friends and/or family.

Katie riding the carousel on the Ocean City Boardwalk….oh yeah & I got the brass ring, baby! 


Option 4. Disney World

My sister lives in Florida, so Mr. Officer and I go down there almost every year to visit family and get our Disney fill. As cheesy as it is, we absolutly love Disney. I know what you’re thinking and to answer your question, you don’t need to take kids because adult Disney is AWESOME! I’ll let these pictures do the talking:

That is a relaxed man, enjoying a beer at Disney’s Boardwalk Resort

And enjoying some French champagne on a rainy day in Epcot

The only problem is that there’s a bit of a stigma of lameness that goes with a Disneymoon. I mean let’s face it just saying “We’re going to Disney World for our honeymoon” automatically conjures up visions of a couple with a creepster room at home devoted to Tinker Bell paraphernalia. We decided to throw caution to the wind though and take the Disneymoon plunge.

That brings us to the next obstacle….price. Disney trips can be extremely pricey (Grand Floridian, I’m looking at you), but there are a number of surprisingly good budget options and we’ve even considered renting a cost saving house in Orlando. This isn’t my first Disney rodeo though, so I knew that Disney periodically runs amazing specials. Luckily, I was rewarded for my patience and we were able to save over $1,000 on our trip by booking during a promotion in February. Score!

So now we’re looking forward to spending the first week in June like this:

Katie being a nerd at Hollywood Studios


 Our over excited Spaceship Earth cartoon selves!


Katie & Mr. Officer looking cute in front of Space Mountain


We are beyond excited for our trip, and I might even be convinced to really nerd it up with these. Stay tuned next week when I’ll talk about how we’ve been saving for our trip!

In the meantime, did anyone else do a Disneymoon? How did you answer people that thought your honeymoon wasn’t hip enough, because you didn’t spend your time backpacking through Thailand? Does anyone have any good Disneymoon tips?

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  • http://halfpintwords.wordpress.com halfpint1011

    Ha! Even though we didn't step anywhere near a Disneyplace during our engagement/wedding/honeymoon, we still managed to score some of ear/hat/veil things, courtesy of my fam that did go. And, um, they're part of the plethora of wedding things that adorn our spare room. Yeah …

  • Meg

    http://www.thepinkearpixie.com/ – My sister owns her own Disney travel agency and her services are free to her clients, so if you're interested in a Disneymoon, definitely visit her website! :)

  • prettymindy

    Oh man! I have tons to say but I'll try to restrain myself. We are having a Disney wedding so you can imagine some of the flack we are getting from guests. BUT like you said, Disney caters to adults really well, so we know everything will be amazing. We went on a Disney cruise right after our engagement (it was already booked but FH just happened to propose a few months before) and we wore our Just Engaged buttons everywhere and got AMAZING treatment. We hope to take a delayed Disneymoon for our one year anniversary, if we have the funds. Katie, I would really love to know where you ended up booking! I have never been to WDW and I really want to stay at Animal Kindgom but I know it's pricey. Have a blast! (and yes, you HAVE to get the mouse ears and the Just Married buttons, too!)

  • http://www.blisshoneymoons.com Laura

    How about a Greek Island honeymoon? It would be hard to go wrong with the Greek Islands!

    • http://www.nycitified.blogspot.com Katie

      So true, but Mr. Officer has a limited amount of vacation time. We wanted to stay domestic, so that we could maximize our vacation time and minimize our travel time.

  • Karen

    Future husband and I are actually seriously considering this in combination with a cruise! We went to WDW last year and had such a blast that we want to go again. I think you made a great decision! Have a great time.

  • http://letsbeamie.wordpress.com Amie

    I love the cabin in the mountains idea. Reasonably priced, with the getaway feeling.

  • Sarah

    Loved this post. I am REALLY gunning for a Disneyworld honeymoon. I feel like I need to go before we have children so I can enjoy the things that I want to see. My fiancee really wants an all inclusive. I think our compromise will be Disneyworld for a week or so and then take off on a cruise from Tampa/Miami.

  • Karen

    Well, since my last post here, my fiance and I have talked it over (and I showed him this article) and we are like 97% sure that we are going to do the Walt Disney World / cruise combo for our honeymoon. Now I'm just waiting to see if Disney offers up their usual "free dining plan" offer for September. That will be the real clincher. Katie, which resort did you end up booking? We stayed at the Pop Century on our trip last year and had a blast, although I'm considering going up to the moderate level for our honeymoon.

    • Katie

      We went all fancy and opted for the Boardwalk Resort (made possible by the great February sale). I've never done the dining plan before, have you had a good experience with the dining plan?

  • Karen

    And wouldn't you know it, literally 4 seconds after I hit send on this I get an email saying "Free Dining is back!" Glad I threw that out into the universe!!!

  • Brooklynite

    I say the Great Smoky Mountains!

  • Sarah W

    I'm doing a best of both world honeymoon. We are doing a mini-Disneymoon right after the wedding (we live in So. Cal. so only an hour drive) for a day or two. Then several months later, when we can take additional time off of work, we are doing a Mediterranean cruise.

    Btw I bought the bride ears and grooms ears and they are so freaking adorable! In my thought process, buying them online before going would save a few bucks. What I'm toying around with is getting an annual pass to save money on Disneyland hotels. Obviously we'd have to go more than once to get our money back, but otherwise I think we might save some dough.

  • Alexandra

    Have to say I'm kinda jealous of your Disneymoon. I'm obsessed with Disney and haven't been in like three years. DF and I are going to NYC for our honeymoon and will be running like crazy all over the city. However we are planning a trip with my sister and her husband (she just got married in January, they did the cruise option) for about a year from Labor Day. It will be super fun. And for anyone who thinks your Disneymoon is lame, they must have lost their inner child. Disney is for everyone.

    • Katie

      Wahoo NYC! I hope you have a fabulous time, and let me know if you need any insider tips for you trip to my hometown :)