Day-um you guys! I swear, these posts keep getting more and more delicious. This week, we have Jennifer and Daniel (aka: Dannifer) and their gooorgeous engagement shoot. They hired a photog who wasn’t available for their wedding date and DID IT UP, yo. Since they didn’t really plan on posing for wedding pics, they went all out for this rockin’ e-sesh. Get out your fans, cuz this one is a hot one. I’ll let Jennifer take it away:

Our inspiration was vintage Hollywood and most of the photos were taken at the location of the wedding: Hollywood Forever. We chose Laurie because she is a band/music photographer primarily, and we are both in the music industry and we fell in love with her photos after seeing a shoot she did for a friends band.

She couldn’t shoot the actual wedding because her birthday was our wedding date, 11-11-11 She spent a lot of time and prep with us from picking out clothes, hair/makeup, scouting locations, to all the small details, and was very affordable and super easy/accommodating.

We didn’t want conventional “engagement” (or wedding) photos because those are always super lame looking. We wanted something more unique, fashiony, magazine, candid looking. We didn’t want to spin in circles and have our hair blowing in the wind; so we opted for cool images at the wedding location instead. We didn’t do “posed” wedding photos, so this was our chance to get cool shots together.

Whew. *fans self* If this is what their engagement shoot holds for us, I can’t wait to see the wedding. Stay tuned, Broke-Asses! xoxo

All photos: Laurie Scavo

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- Christen

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8 Responses to “{Engagement Sesh} Jennifer and Daniel’s Old Hollywood, High-Fashion Love Shoot”

  1. Amanda Hill

    Love this session! Outfits and location are perfect. Gives me the feeling of SPIN magazine or Rolling Stones. <3

  2. Krissy

    WOW. So, so gorgeous. Looks like these two were made for each other.

  3. StephanieLoves

    Love this so much! Wonder if my FH would go for a cemetery shoot???

  4. Sugar2012

    I LOVE IT SO MUCH. His hat! Her dress! He reminds me of Jack White is Jack White wasn't gross.

  5. Sonny n Lloyd

    I wish I was as cool as them. One of the coolest e-shoots I've ever seen.

  6. SashaDreams

    Who knew cemetery's could be so romantic? Great feature, BAB!

  7. Aurea

    Super lovely and very dramatic photos!

  8. Kathy

    Oooo!! So cool!! I love these shots!! Super job!! Especially the one that with the sunshine!!! So beautiful!!