Now this is different: a request for the men!

I was wondering if you could suggest some budget friendly options for suit/tux rentals. My fiancé is planning on buying a suit, something along the lines of a skinny fit modern suit with a vest and all. We set aside a few hundred dollars in our budget for him to buy a suit, but we can possibly ask his groomsmen to spend that much money on their suit! Is there any place other then Men’s Wearhouse to get a modern looking suit to rent? Help please!

I did a bit of research and here are some affordable suit options:

H&M – They don’t have an e-commerce site so I can’t link to any suits, but H&M has got some fashionable and trendy pieces for men. Check them out!


Macy’s - Wait for sales and keep an eye out for coupons, because we got my husband’s suit for a steal during a sale/friends and family discount combo. They’ve got all different cuts, colors and fits, and vests come separately.

Kenneth Cole Reaction, $150

Michael by Michael Kors, $225

Syms - If there is a Syms near you, I highly recommend checking it out. It’s not the most glamorous store, but you can find a suit at a great bargain. Again, they don’t have an e-commerce site so I can’t link to particular products, but it’s worth a trip to the store!


Kohl’s - Surprisingly enough, they have a lot of suits for the groomsman on a budget. This suit by Apt. 9 is only $150, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg there!

You could also consider getting suits made. I can’t speak to their quality or service firsthand, but I’ve heard good things about Tailor4Less and StudioSuits.

Good luck, and please come back and let us know what you ended up with!

-Dana F.

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4 Responses to “Dressing the Dudes – on a Budget”

  1. Lira

    I happen to live near a brand new Burlington Coat Factory and they have a TON of menswear options. The vests I looked at came with a matching long tie AND bow tie!
    Good luck!

  2. Brian

    Great list for grooms who don't know where to begin, Dana.

    It's surprising how many retail stores now carry formalwear. In addition to H&M, JCrew, Banana and Express all have reasonably priced jackets, shirts and ties. The selection isn't great compared to a Macy's or Syms, but it's worth looking.

  3. ProperSuit

    Most of these options will have a baggy unattractive fit though :(

  4. BrokeAssBride

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