What I love about this wedding is that they were really able to stick with the traditions, but still include some details that really spoke to them and were all about them.  The bright colors and decor are so bright and cheery and definitely added such a fun element! Their centerpieces of simple glass vessels filled with apples and oranges is just the kind of broke-ass brilliance that we love to see!

In their own words: “We were both students. Lynn was going to BYU, Jarom was attending UVU.  We had known each other in high school, but not very well. We had seen each other in the hallways, but never spoke. Four years after I graduated high school, I got back from a study abroad to find that my best friend was dating Jarom’s best friend. We all hung out together a lot, but Jarom and I never really hung out alone. One night Jarom threw a show for his friend Sean who was in the band Forest World. After the show, we finally got to spend some time alone with each other. It was the first time we had ever hung out, just the two of us, but it was also the night of our first kiss! We knew we liked each other and didn’t bother to beat around the bush!

We knew we wanted to get married before Jarom officially proposed. We had actually spent the whole day looking at wedding dresses for me the night he proposed. We got back late at night and I was super tired, but Jarom insisted we go on a walk. Reluctantly I agreed. We walked over to the spot of our first kiss, he gave me a hug, and dropped on his knee. At first I thought he was joking, but when he pulled out a ring, I knew it was the real deal.

We decided to splurge on photography and our clothing. Photos last much longer than the flowers or anything eaten, and we wanted to make sure we had the best photographer to capture the moments from the day. We also wanted to look our best and be a little selfish, after all, it was OUR wedding day! The gown was custom made by Jessica May Bridal, the suit was from H&M, and our photographer was Opie from OpieFoto.

Almost everything was DIY! All of the food was made by family and friends, the decorations were bought online or borrowed from friends and family and arranged ourselves. We bought the flowers wholesale and I had a bridesmaid who was very skilled in floral design arrange everything from the bridal bouquet to boutonnieres and centerpieces!

We chose to cut back on the menu, all of the caterers were too overpriced for decent food that no one would remember anyway. It was much more meaningful and personal to us to snack on delicious homemade treats from old family recipes. We were also very fortunate to find a beautiful venue on historic Center Street in Provo that we could rent for a mere $500.

On what they would have done differently:  I would have cut down on the food prepared, we had WAY to many leftovers! A dessert bar would have been sufficient. I also would have planned my time better so I could have pampered myself a little bit before the reception, I was rushing around and forgot to put on my veil for the whole night!

Delegate! The last thing you want to do is worry about little details, because no one notices them anyway. I put a great amount of trust in my mother, family members, and close friends. They understood our vision for the wedding and helped create it perfectly. But keep in mind that your time is priceless, if you find yourself overwhelmed or if you really don’t want to worry about refilling the food on the reception table and there’s not enough manpower with friends and family, it’s worth it in the end to pay someone to take care of it for you!

The most memorable part of the day was dancing with my darling at the reception with all of our friends! And, of course, the quiet, peaceful moment in the temple as we held hands before we got married.”

For Lynn and Jarom, their wedding budget was $10,000 with a wedding guest list of about 250 people.  Their budget breakdown ended up being:

Dress: $2000
Suit: $150
Venue: $500
Food: $1000 (my mom bought a lot of equipment to hold and store the food while keeping it cool)
Photographer: $2100 (included engagement, bridal and wedding coverage, all digital negatives, personalized guest book, and personalized leather bound wedding album)
Decor: $300
Flowers: $100 (can you believe it?!)
Entertainment: Free! A friend’s band played some electronic music to make us shimmy and shake it.
Beauty: Free! Jarom’s beautiful and talented cousins Emiley and Cassey from Lunatic Fringe did our hair!
Favors: Leftovers from reception, so technically FREE

If my math skills are correct, that means the total was $6,150.  I’d say that’s pretty amazing for being under their budget and still having such a gem of  a wedding.

Here’s a bit more wedding vendor info:

Photographer:  OpieFoto

Venue:  Southworth Hall, Provo UT

Wedding Gown:  Jessica May Bridal

Tuxedo and Mens Attire:  H&M

Bridesmaid Dresses:  Shabby Apple

Huge thanks to Lynn and Jarom for sharing the details of their wedding and OpieFoto for submitting the wedding via Two Bright Lights.

xoxo, Lydia from Ever Ours

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