Gobble gobble, my turkey-fiending friends! Man, I love holiday weeks like this. People are all over the place – shopping for holiday meals, traveling to visit family and friends, training for black friday sales, finishing up work and last-minute to do’s. There’s a buzz in the air, an acute sense of Thankfulness, (and cravings for pumpkin pie). Not only am I a HUGE sap for all things holiday cheer, but I’m also rocking the most emo case of PMS I may have ever had… so you can either find me running around wishing people Happy Thanksgiving like a crazed Bob Cratchit, or maniacally prepping in the kitchen, or weeping over my laptop for no good reason.

We’ll be spending Thanksgiving as we usually do, with our “family” of friends here in Los Angeles. One year the kitchen caught on fire, so let’s hope this year is a bit calmer. What am I making, you ask? Well, let me tell you – I am so excited about the EPIC vegan Thanksgiving feast layer “cake” that I’ve been working on all week. Layers of homemade seitan “turkey”, stuffing, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, etc… all stacked up and “iced” with mashed potatoes! Come on people, does it not sound shamazing?! I gotta say, the faux turkey part intimidated me most, but turned out so well that I’m already considering going into business making these bad boys… so the rest should be, as they say, cake!

Speaking of Turkeys, meet Harley! I adopted him this week, and adore his funny face!

For $30, you can adopt a Turkey at Farm Sanctuary’s Adopt-a-Turkey project, and literally send a Turkey to greener pastures! Harley was a factory farm bird, destined to be someone’s Thanksgiving feast, but now he’s happily munching yams and pumpkins on an idyllic farm in California to live out his days in peace! Whether or not you’ll be enjoying a traditional Thanksgiving dinner or a faux one like me, I hope you’ll consider adopting a turkey of your own this holiday season!

Anyway, in light of the holiday week and my grandiose culinary adventure, we decided to hold off on sending out a newsletter this week…. so this is the only place you can find out about our dealios and free goings on until next week!

This week’s Bargain Bash is from the folks at KnotPic, a cool new photosharing service for weddings. The coolest feature of KnotPic is that you can actually stream a slideshow of your guest’s photos live and in real-time during your wedding!  Using a private @Knotpic.com email address, guests can easily send in photos as they take them, adding to your slideshow and sharing unique perspectives and angles from your wedding, for everyone to enjoy.

Take it from me: I really wish we had used a centralized photo-sharing service to collect everyone’s pictures after our wedding – now they’re just all scattered in various facebook albums and emails… so finding a specific shot takes some keen detective work. KnotPic makes keeping track of your shots no sweat at all.

You can choose to monitor photos before they become private (to screen out the shots of Aunt Mildred taking a tumble on the dancefloor) or let the gallery accept all pictures – its totally customizable and totally easy to use. And right now through Sunday, you can score a KnotPic account for yourself, or to give as a gift to your favorite engaged couple, for only $19 – that’s a 34% savings!

A few weeks ago, we introduced you to Glö‘s Modern-Minded Wedding Invitations, and y’all were so excited about them that Glö has offered to giveaway a free package to two lucky readers! Whether you do it evitation style or supplement with paper too, Glö has the goods!

This giveaway will last two weeks, and will be covered more extensively in next week’s newsletter, but you can start commenting now to up your chances of winning! To enter, comment on any posts from this week or next, up to once per day. Go on, free up all that invitation money in your budget (so you can spend it on those splurgy shoes you’ve been eyeing), and enter to win today!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We’re incredibly thankful for you, your support, and all the inspiration you add to our lives! Hope your day tomorrow is filled with love, flavor, and gratitude. Mwah!


The Broke-Ass Bride
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14 Responses to “Win It: Giveaway Round-up & Thanksgiving Joy”

  1. pixyofwhimsy

    That Thanksgiving vegan layer "cake" sounds absolutely-out-of-control-amazing! I love the idea of rescuing a factory farm bird, too. Have a fantabulous holiday.

  2. Lindsay L

    My family loves doing different things for thanksgiving. This year it scallops, roasted root vegetables, and pomegranate salad. We keep talking about doing sushi some year. Hopefully my fiancé can handle our "traditions". Have a great thanksgiving. Would love to know how the dinner turns out!

  3. Amber W.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. I love your adopted friend Harley. He's cute for a turkey – Ha.

  4. Analiza

    Happy Thanksgiving girls and boys!!! :)

  5. kat

    happy turkey out to pasture day!

  6. Laura

    Free Invitations! Score! Happy Thanksgiving, and now I want a pet Turkey.

  7. Lizzy

    I'm usually a devout meat eater, but your 'Pho-Turkey' sounds delish!

  8. Erin

    Niiice free invitations!

  9. Jen

    Eco Friendly invitations are the way to go!

  10. Maria

    I love the KnotPic — what a cool idea! I'm always seeing loads of pictures from friends' weddings scattered across the internet…it would be nice to have everything centralized. I will definitely keep it in mind for my wedding!

  11. Taleitha

    Thank you so much for the KnotPic information. That is the neatest idea! I think photos are by far a huge part in memories with weddings and that would make things so much easier! Thanks for the heads up! :)

  12. Ashlin

    I love Glo's Invitations!

  13. @SouthernBride2B

    What a wonderful giveaway and great holiday inspiration!

  14. Theresa

    Aww, yay for a happy turkey!