Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians, and what a great way to celebrate a Canadian ‘Thanksgiving’ then to give ‘thanks’ for free stuff!! That’s my kind of price tag…

The winner of the Bottle Your Brand prize is …. MARTHA!! Martha said “I would definitely use them to put cheap-o wine on the tables. I’ve got some wine snobs in the family. I’m convinced that they wouldn’t notice if we had 2buck chuck on the tables instead of some $20/bottle stuff. Sweet!” Cute!

We won’t let your secret out, so prepare to disguise your basement bottles with 150 water, beer or wine labels courtesy of Bottle Your Brand!

Exciting!.. but wait! There’s more!

The winner of the marvelous Clarisonic is …. DUET LETTERPRESS!!! “I’ve been dying to try this out!!! hun, skincare tip… not sure I’d follow my advice since my skin always needs help… but cetaphil followed by thayers rose petal witch hazel seems to work best for me.”

Ladies there’s some fabulous skin care tips tucked away in those comments so be sure to scope ‘em for some fresh-faced advice!

There’s still more!!

Friday morning saw us kicking off the weekend with a sweet prize pack from California Blooms and Weddingish! The winner of this prize pack is …. ME!! Ha ha! Just kidding! Its really… THERESA!! She shared “I would use the roses as centerpieces for the reception. I saw a link on a blog online where the couple used vintage teacups and saucers as centerpieces, and filled them with carnation/rose heads-it was GORGEOUS! I would love love love winning those roses! :)”

Well, Theresa you now have your amazing centerpieces! You’ve won:
- 250 stunning long stem roses from California Blooms! Roses can only be shipped within the USA and keep in mind that the colors available are dependent on the time of the year you are using them. Prize must be used within one year of award. Roses are loose, and not pre-arranged. Please note that red roses are not available from 12/24/09-1/27/10.


- Weddingish‘s black and white satin flower girl basket, ring pillow, and guest book, all accented with double crystal hearts!!

Phew! ….

Wait, you didn’t think we’d let you off without some sort of show stopper did you? This giveaway event needs to win with a Broke-Ass Bang!

The original winner of our “Too Sexy for this Song” dance package, including a vinyl dance floor decal from Ten23 Designs, a custom aisle runner from Customized Wedding Creations, and a custom choreographed dance and lessons from Toronto-based Tutus and Taffeta, brought to you by A Hot Pink Petticoat and Dance Fusion could not redeem her prize package, due to location! So, that leaves a prize to be re-awarded now doesn’t it?

Our new winner of the dance package is…. FALLON!!! “I want to walk down the aisle to “Glosoli” by Sigur Ros. Sweet with a punch! And I would love my wedding party to do a choreographed homage to the “Praise You” video by Fatboy Slim, directed by Spike Jonze. fingers crossed!”

Uncross your fingers, you’re gunna need ‘em to groove it!

Congrats, everyone! Please email Dana, or comment below and leave your email address by Thursday Oct. 15, to claim your prize, and our hats off you ALL OF YOU for stalking BAB and leaving some phat comments, tips and love, yo!

So, that wraps up Wedding in a Week but don’t think we aren’t full of more surprises… Go grab your friends/sweethearts/co-horts/fellow wedding-like peeps and get ‘em on here because this may not be the last time you see BAB dishing it out ‘free-style’, yo!

The fine print: Winners are selected by random draw from all eligible entries. Family members of the Broke-Ass Bride or the participating vendors are ineligible. If the winner is unable to claim their prize, a new winner will be drawn and announced.


The Broke-Ass Bride
Dana is the head woman in charge here, the original Broke-Ass Bride. Learn more about her here. And, follow her on Twitter (@brokeassbride), Pinterest (@brokeassbride), Facebook (/thebrokeassbride) and Instagram (@brokeassbride).
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