SUR-PRIZE! You didn’t think we’d send ‘Wedding in a Week’ off with just 2 prizes did you?? Of course not! Well fancy that. Just as all great weddings send you off with a treat at the end, (aside from a wicked hangover) and so shall we!

Its crunch time! You’re down the last dollars in ye ole piggy bank and suddenly your brain clicks in that there’s no wine on the table! Well y’all know how I feel about free flowing alcohol at weddings – its a must! But while I highly endorse it, there’s no reason you should have to broadcast that you’re pillaging your local Trader Joes for cases of 2-buck chuck… yikes! Thank goodness we have the perfect solution to your problem!
Bottle Your Brand is giving you a chance to win 150 water, beer or wine labels to save the day! I love these things because normal water bottle labels are the yuck after swimming in a bucket of icy coldness, especially at hosted events as weddings, showers or parties in general. These babies are water resistant, self adhesive and full color so they look like a million bucks and aren’t going to peel off!
Bottle Your Brand has custom labels for every occasion, and offers labels for beer, wine and water in a huge variety of shapes, sizes and colors! Easy to apply, easy to design, and fast shipping!
On a really super duper tight budget? Slap some of these onto an ordinary wine bottle or 2, and set them in the center of your table with some pretty little ribbon, et voila! A drinkable centerpiece?!?  Hells yes! We double-stretched that budget for you! (well, maybe I stole that idea from their website… They have some great label-use suggestions). If you’re pressed for time like most brides, they also offer a fabulous pre-labeled water bottle service and your water will arrive on your doorstep labeled, ready to roll! Sweet!!

OK, I know you’re dying of thirst for this prize, so read up: one lucky Broke-Ass gets 15 sheets (150 labels) of water, beer or wine labels, customized to your wants, needs, desires! Save yourself $108 smackers, and roll out your bevvy looking like a drinky diva! Cheers to the stylish couple!

To Enter:
Earn up to FOUR entries – here’s how:
1. Leave a comment below with the most creative way you can think of to use these labels.
2. Tweet about the giveaway, tagging @brokeassbride #BAB11 along with a link to this page.
3. Be a Fan on Facebook!
4. Sign up at Bride$hare* (the hot new save-green-be-green wedding resource started by moi), complete your profile (including a pic) and join a group!

Entries close at 5pm PST on Monday October 5, 2009. Winner will be drawn at random. 

*Bride$hare is a great way to hook up with brides like you to share and recycle wedding-related purchases and leftovers.  Eco-friendly AND Budget-friendly, for your penny pinching pleasure. I saved thousands by buddying up with a fellow bride, yo! Get in there and saaaaave, baby!


The Broke-Ass Bride
Dana is the head woman in charge here, the original Broke-Ass Bride. Learn more about her here. And, follow her on Twitter (@brokeassbride), Pinterest (@brokeassbride), Facebook (/thebrokeassbride) and Instagram (@brokeassbride). Affiliate links, which might be included in the post above, help make her a few dollars here and there to keep her off the streets and in the business of blogging for your ass. So thanks for coming! :)
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