Our “dream wedding” went through many incarnations over the 7 months it took us to find the right venue. We agonized over decor for several styles of potential weddings: an enchanted garden party, a mexican fiesta wedding, a rustic wheat-y winery wedding, and a rustic spanish adobe wedding… but none of them really felt right. I was starting to get really nervous.

Finally, we settled on the perfect location (stay tuned for details), and suddenly the decor became a no-brainer… lo and behold it was perfect for us! Our reception venue has a bit of a Moroccan feel to it, so we’re riffing off of that theme to create a magical, moody and mysterious and bad-ass party!

Check out the BEAUTIFUL inspiration board that the incredibly talented and loverly ladies at Elizabeth Anne Designs made for me:


I just love the colored glass votives and the sexy room at bottom left.

And here are some other great photos from Moroccan-style events that inspire me:

(image source)

(image source)

Don’t you love the lavish feel of this style, and the rich, vibrant colors? I am LOVING jewel-tones, drape-y fabrics and cushions! Its so luxe, but still bohemian. I likey.

I think hookahs would be a fun decor item, but impractical and probably expensive. Sari table runners are definitely in order. There’s so many great Middle-Eastern decor options out there!

(source1) (source2) (source3)

Ebay is proving a fruitful shopping ground for many of the items we need. Anyone got any leads on where else to find more Moroccan kitsch on the cheap?


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5 Responses to “Mid-East Inspiration”

  1. mindy

    oh- did you see the lanterns on ebay… they were selling them in bulk 25 lanterns for like 60 bucks! i actually just ordered some…. well see if they look cheap or not!! but i got the white ones, and i think the colored ones were even cheaper!!

  2. Broke-ass Bride

    No! That's an amazing deal. Let me know how they come out, I might have to hop on that train :)

  3. Kelly Lynn Photograp

    WOW!! Dana those are some amazing inspiration for your big day. They have also inspired me. Trust me your day is going to beautifully captured.

  4. Anonymous

    OMG, I just stumbled onto your blog and it looks like (well at least at this stage), that you're having my wedding decor. Even to the point that I have both the Sari and Egyptian perfume bottle Ebay sellers saved in my favourites. I can't wait to see how it turns out!

  5. freefun0616